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How Long to Cook Poached Eggs (3)

How Long to Cook Poached Eggs

When we sit at brunch, we always wonder how those chefs get to make the perfect poached eggs. And sometimes, we get jealous, believing we can’t make the same recipe at home. That fear is because we aren’t sure how long the egg needs to cook to reach perfection. But it all ends here, as you’ll find great tips and discover how easy it is to prepare this unique recipe.

How Long to Cook Poached Eggs (2)

Poached Eggs Nutrition Facts

How Long to Cook Poached Eggs

Tips for the Best Poached Eggs

You want the poached eggs to come out in the perfect shape you’ve so envied at restaurants. So, why not follow these instructions to make sure?

Check for Fresh Eggs-If you can, always consider fresh eggs for poaching. Eggs up to a week old give runny whites, which mess up the chance of a spherical shape.

Add Vinegar to Water-While you may worry that vinegar would add a sour taste to the egg, it won’t if you use a minimal amount. About a tablespoon of light-colored vinegar is enough to help the white stay firm.

Use a Deep Pot- A deep saucepan allows the yolk to sink further than the yolk.  And this condition makes the white wrap around the yolk, compared to what you’ll see in a shallow pan. But to be sure, consider at least four inches of water if you want an impressively poached egg.

Use a Ramekin-With a ramekin, the yolk stays unbroken, and you can transfer the egg quickly into the water without breaking the form. Plus, you can be sure there aren’t any shells cracked into the egg as well.

Use a Fine Mesh Sieve-If you’re cooking an older egg, you stand the chance of finding more runny whites than firm. So, when the egg is added to a fine-mesh sieve, the more runny white will be strained, and the firm white will cook around the yolk.

Swirl in a Vortex-If you’re poaching just one egg, one way to keep the shape is to swirl the water first. And when it forms a vortex, drop the egg into it.

Seasoning Ideas– You can cook the poached eggs as is or add a pinch of salt. You can also add smoked paprika, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, or ground cumin for more flavor. But ensure that you do so in pinches.

Don’t Salt the Water-Adding salt to the water raises its density, and the white will splay out in such conditions due to floating.


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Cooking Methods for Poached Eggs

You can poach eggs using various cooking methods, and these are some of the most commonly used;

On the Stove

Pour water in a deep saucepan so it reaches about four inches. Then, let it boil and reduce the heat to low. Crack the egg into a fine-mesh sieve so the runny white drains out. Then, transfer it into a ramekin. Put a tablespoon of light-colored vinegar into the water and stir it so it forms a swirling vortex. Then, drop the ramekin with the egg at the center of the vortex and let it poach for three minutes. When it’s done, take it out with a slotted spoon and blot out the excess water. Then, serve as desired.

In the Microwave

Fill a microwave-safe mug halfway with water and crack an egg in it. Poke a hole in the yolk and cover it with plastic wrap. Then, microwave the egg in 30-minute bursts until the whites are firm and opaque while the yolk remains runny. The entire process should take you about a minute and a half to fully poach.  Then, take the egg out and let it sit in hot water for another minute. Once done, move the egg to a slice of stale bread or layer of paper towels so the water drains. Then, serve immediately with sprinkles of your favorite spices.

In the Oven

Put a tablespoon of water into each muffin-pan cup and crack an egg into each cup. Season the eggs, and then bake in a 350F preheated oven. Take the pan out after one or two minutes, by which the whites will be firm, but the yolk is still runny. Then, scoop out the poached eggs with a slotted spoon, dab with paper towels, and serve at once.

This video can also help on how long to poach an egg.