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What Does Possum Taste Like?

If you’re interested in the flavor of possum, read on to discover more about this unusual and wonderful creature. Whether you eat it raw or cook it in a savory recipe, you’ll be surprised by the response. Possum meat is not gamey and is a wonderful source of protein and minerals. Possum meat provides 241 percent of your daily protein needs in one pound. Niacin and Vitamin B6 are two key vitamins and minerals found in them. Iron, phosphorus, selenium, and vitamin B12 are present reasonably.

Possum meat has a flavor similar to rabbit or chicken, but it’s oily and has a pungent stink. . You may prepare possum meat at home by following a few easy procedures. Prepare the possum for cooking by scaring it with a bulky item beforehand. After you’ve scared it, skin and gut it. Slice your possum into 1/2-inch squares after you’ve got it. After the meat has been skinned, marinate it overnight.

What is a Possum?

Possums are a suborder of the 70 tree-dwelling marsupial species native to Australia. Possums are marsupials, which means they live in caves. Even though they share the same scientific name and belong to the same species, possums and opossums are opposed.

Possums come in various shapes and sizes, but the Brushtail possum is one of the most common. They have long, thick tails with prehensile tips, a patch of bare skin on their bodies, and a patch of exposed skin on the bottom of their bodies. They may be found throughout Australia in a wide variety of habitats. Possums eat various foods, including birds, insects, fruits, rodents, and even dead animals.

Plants, eggs, grains, and frogs are among the foods they consume. Possums’ diets often need a large quantity of calcium. Possums have poor eyesight, but they have incredible hearing and smell, and Possums have a great sense of taste.

They are constantly on the lookout for food, and they are most active at night. Climbing, digging, and seizing prey are just a few ways they employ their razor-sharp claws. Adult possums’ major activity is scavenging. When possums are young, they are around the size of honey bees. They are predisposed to stay in their mother’s pouch for around 80 days.

What does Possum Taste Like?

The concept of eating a possum will make many people feel uneasy and maybe a little repulsed. Because people in many nations are naturally curious about the flavor of possum, the question “What does possum taste like?” is asked rather often. Why? Because some nations, like Australia, consider it an exquisite food and an essential component of their culinary tradition.

The people who live in these nations are fortunate to have access to this wild animal. Possums contain an incredible quantity of fats and have an astonishingly high meat content for their size. A possum’s flavor may change based on what it eats. If a possum never consumes anything except garbage left by people, its meat will have an unpleasant, fatty flavor.

The scent of the flesh is awful, and it may put you off. You can still consume it, but the flavor won’t be that delicious. On the other hand, if you consume a possum that lives in the suburbs rather than in the city itself, you will like the flavor. These possums often consume fruits, insects, and other items found in the wild high in nutrition. Carrots and potatoes are two of the easiest vegetables to prepare for this dish. The flavor of possum meat is often described as comparable to that of squirrel and rabbit meat. Because it comes from the wild, the flavor is similar to game meat. You may add whatever garnishes you choose to enhance the meal’s flavor.

How to Cook Possum?

You will first need to skin and clean your possum before you can prepare it for cooking. You must create an incision throughout the whole of the possum’s abdominal cavity. Next, take off the head and feet, followed by the organs.

You must make a second incision below the length of each leg. Once the possum’s body temperature reaches a certain point, its fur and skin will peel off of its body.

You will need to cut the skin and peel back a portion of the surface after it has cooled down. You will detect a thin layer of fat below its skin; eliminating it should not be difficult. You may get rid of the fats if you want to prevent the sense of gaminess that you get from eating gamey meats, and this is something that you can do.

After you have finished skinning and cleaning your possum, you will need the supplies and methods that have been provided here.

  • Eight large taters
  • Two substantial dessert spoons of butter
  • One large teaspoon’s worth of sugar
  • A few dashes of salt, if you will
  • To add flavor, you may include pepper, thyme, or marjoram.
  • A vessel for cooking that is equipped with a secure lid.

You need to put the possum meat into a pot with enough water to prevent it from catching fire. Put a decent lid on the pot and ensure it’s on firmly.

  • After the possum has been simmering in the saucepan for one hour, it is time to add the potatoes to the pot. Cooking possum flesh takes much longer than potatoes, preventing the taters from cooking for an excessive amount of time.
  • Arrange the potatoes to form a circle around the possum and place them there. Combine, then season to taste with pepper, sugar, and salt by mixing. You may substitute marjoram or thyme for the pepper if you like.
  • Remove the cover from the pot every 15 minutes and baste the meat with the fluids collected in the pot.
  • It is expected that the possum’s fats will have been rendered at this point. . They may use juice or the water to produce a flavorful gravy to accompany the meat.
  • When the possum is done cooking and the flesh easily separates from the bones, you may try adding some flour to the pot to make the meal more substantial. (If necessary)
  • If you are going to roast your possum, you must ensure that a container is placed below the cooking board. Because the meat is fatty, the oil will readily run off the board and into the oven while the meat is being cooked.

Make liberal use of ground black pepper, dust the opossum with flour to facilitate browning, and then use a spoon to drizzle some chicken stock over the flour (“basting”). You may brown the opossum to a light brown or as dark as you want in an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While it is cooking, keep an eye on it and sprinkle the top of it with broth (or oleo) periodically.

What is Possum Meat Good for?

The flavor of possum meat is not as gamey as meat from other wild animals. When you don’t have anything else to eat, you may keep strong with the help of the protein and nutrients it contains. One pound of possum flesh has around 241% of the daily requirement for protein, making it an excellent choice for those looking to get their protein fix.

Can Humans Get Diseases from Possums?

Leptospirosis is the zoonotic illness that affects opossums with the highest frequency. It is possible for people and their pets to get infected with this bacterium, which is transmitted through the opossum’s urine and feces. In addition, opossums are carriers of diseases such as TB, coccidiosis, Chagas disease, toxoplasmosis, spotted fever, and trichomoniasis.

What is Possum Cream?

The side dish at your family dinner missing is creamed possum. There is no proper family supper without a can of creamed possum served over sweet potatoes and topped with gravy made from crow fat. This can of creatures is an original Deep South pleasure and a Deep South joke gift that combines your family’s love of pranks and roadkill in one hilarious package.


Possum meat is a nutritious alternative for vegetarians and vegans, depending on its preparation. Its flesh is rich in minerals and vitamins, providing a lot of protein and excellent fat. Some individuals prefer possum meat over other forms of meat because it is less gamey. Expect a fatty, tabulated supper if you’re unsure about the possum.

Possum flesh is considered a delicacy in Australia, New Zealand, and many other nations. In addition to being tasty, possum meat is high in protein and fat, and some people compare it to lamb or chicken. Possum meat is excellent and has a similar texture to chicken flesh, despite being slightly fatty. Possum possessions may be harmful if maintained as pets, in addition to being a delicacy.