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How to Cook a Beef Brisket on the Grill

When it comes to cooking dishes like beef brisket, there are different methods one can use. Whether you choose to bake in an oven, stir-fry, grill, barbecue, or roast, it always accompanies a savory flavor and aroma after preparing. One of the easiest methods of preparing beef brisket is by grilling. Grilling, which has to do with cooking directly overheating, is often mistaken as barbequing, whereas the two are different in their form. It is an efficient means of cooking beef brisket and other recipes. However, not everyone is familiar with this technique of cooking beef.

If you’re not efficient in handling the grill, pay rapt attention as we’ve put together some important tips and guidelines that are quite promising to provide some insight into ways to get satisfactory results.

How To Cook A Beef Brisket On The Grill

Beef Brisket Nutrition Facts

How To Cook A Beef Brisket On The Grill

Tips for Cooking Beef Brisket on the Grill

You need to take note of the following tips when making your beef brisket dish, especially if it’s your first time using a grill.

Make sure to go through the grill’s instructions manual. The grill, which is equipment designed to cook different food recipes, always comes with an instructions manual, and it’s very important to go through it thoroughly to attain the desired result. The manual contains necessary guidelines, operating instructions, user maintenance instructions, and more essential when operating a grill.

It’s also filled with suggested recipes that could be prepared with a grill. The manual instructs you on operating the equipment, especially if you’re inexperienced in using it. If the manual that comes with your grill is no longer accessible, there is no need to worry, as you could always download another copy of the instruction manual online.

Grillers vs. Barbeques – People often tend to confuse barbequing with grilling as they’re used interchangeably. However, the two terms are in no way the same. For one, Barbequing(BBQ) has to do with cooking larger food cuts slowly and usually

over a low unit of heat. It’s almost like roasting, but here, the lid of the barbeque is often closed. On the other hand, grilling has to do with cooking small or medium food sizes easily with the lid up. Grilling is mostly done over high heat and within a short time, unlike barbequing. When cooking over a grill, it’s advisable not to play with or move your grill around when it’s cooking, as the beef can easily stick to it. Hence a good amount of vegetable oil can be used to sprinkle on the grill before cooking. You can ensure to get some grill marks on whatever you’re cooking.

Types of grills – Also, make sure to go for a grill that’s sturdy and strong enough as it would last longer for you. Most grills, however, are produced to be durable to enjoy longevity. Grills range from; the Weber gas grills consisting of (Genesis II, Spirit II, and original kettle grills), charcoal grills, George foreman electric grills, hybrid, and pellet grills, etc. The Blackstone 1554 grill is the best for armatures and beginners.

Know the appropriate brands of beef brisket to purchase –  Regardless of the type of grill you’re working with, good beef brisket is always advisable to purchase, whether you’re getting it online or from a local supermarket. Some recommended brands and producers of beef brisket you could use include, The River Farms American Wagyu beef brisket, Crowd cow brisket point, The Fossil Farms Angus beef brisket, Ranch house meat company, etc. You can also go for your choice of preference just in case you’re unable to purchase any of the recommended brands above.


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Cooking Time for Beef Brisket on the Grill

The ideal timing guidelines for preparing a mouth-watering beef brisket have been outlined below.

Cooking Procedure

Cooking Time

Cooking beef brisket on a grill at 250°F slowly at low heat

1½ -2 hours per pound

Cooking beef brisket on the grill at 300°F slowly at medium heat

30 – 45 minutes per pound

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How To Cook A Beef Brisket On The Grill

Grill smoked beef brisket (1-2 Servings) 

  • Author: Bobby


  • One medium-size flat-cut beef brisket (2- 3 pounds)
  • 1 tbsp of vegetable/cooking oil (optional)
  • Kitchen Bouquet browning sauce or grill sauce (optional)
  • ½ tbsp of table salt
  • ½ tbsp of ground pepper
  • ½ tbsp of tender quick (msg)


  1. Before you proceed to grill your beef brisket, fill your gas grill or whatever type of grill you’re working with some pieces of smoking wood. Since some gas grills consist of more than one burner, you should use just one regardless. You can also substitute the smoking woods with a tube filled with pallets. When you’re grilling with pellets, there’s a high tendency that it’ll give your beef a less smoky and burnt flavor.
  2. Afterward, place a small pan of water inside the grill’s burner to collect the droppings from the brisket while cooking.
  3. You can then remove the beef brisket and seasoning packet from the beef pack. Carefully trim off the layers of the brisket, removing the extra fat laying on the top and sides of the beef as the fatty chunks take longer to grill. You would want to cut the beef in a squared form.
  4. Using a transparent kitchen foil, wrap the brisket and keep it in the refrigerator for some hours before grilling. Unwrap and rinse the beef brisket with cold water and pat dry slightly. Mix your spices in a clean bowl and gently massage spices into the beef brisket thoroughly.
  5. Once done, place the beef fat side down as the heat comes from up underneath the burner. Put the grill on low heat, cooking brisket at 250°F – 300°F, turning it at 180° at intervals until it shrinks down. Remember to also spray some clean water on the cooking grill brisket from time to time as it helps to lock in the juicy moisture in the beef. At this point, your beef brisket would have attained a dark brownish or black color, indicating that it’s ready. You can use a kitchen knife to cut out some pieces of the beef as it becomes tender, juicy, and fully cooked when you’re done grilling.

It’s not that complex to cook the beef brisket or any other food recipe using a grill once you’ve followed the abovementioned instructions. This recipe will leave your mouth and taste buds watery and satisfactory. It is very easy to follow and will be ready in under an hour or two. If you need more insights or suggestions for cooking your fried chicken using an air fryer, check out this.