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Superfine Sugar Substitute

Superfine sugar is white table sugar that has been ground into finer crystals than regular granulated white sugar. It is most recognized and preferred. Superfine sugar is also known as “caster sugar”. It is popular with bakers because the smaller crystals dissolve very easily into butter. It breaks up more without much difficulty into meringues and batters. This results in products that have a finer crumb and lighter quality (texture) when finished. This is why a lot of bakers prefer superfine sugar. It also explains why it’s specifically called for in recipes that are lighter in texture and quantity. Such recipes include meringues.

Superfine Sugar Substitute (2)

Superfine sugar is not the same as powdered or confectioner’s sugar. They cannot be substituted for one another. This is because the confectioner’s sugar has been prepared into fine powdery form. This is why it readily liquifies in liquid substances. For this reason, it will not be incorporated in a recipe the same way that superfine sugar will be incorporated. Due to its low nutritional value, sugar is best enjoyed in moderation. Superfine sugar has the following nutritional contents for every teaspoon(4g):15.4 calories,0g of fat,0mg of sodium,4g carbohydrate,0g of fiber,4g sugars,0g of protein. Calories from sugars are considered empty because they consist of little or no nutritional value. Sugar is also a high glycerine food. The glycerine index of superfine sugar is 65. However, the glycerine load of one teaspoon of sugar is only 3. This sugar also provides no significant vitamins or minerals.

Superfine sugar is generally used in making delicate or smooth desserts such as mousse, meringues, or puddings. It’s also great for making cold beverages sweeter. This is because heat is not needed for it to dissolve. It provides a speedy source of energy. Blood cells, tissues, and organs usually depend on glucose to function properly.

Uses of superfine sugar in recipes

The following call for superfine sugar in the making of their recipes;

  1. Meringues
  2. Souffles
  3. Macarons
  4. Puddings
  5. Mousses

Substitute for superfine sugar

Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugar


Granulated sugar is the best substitute for superfine sugar. This is because it is basically the same product. The only difference between them is that granulated sugar has slightly larger crystals than superfine sugar. With the aid of a blender or a food processor, the preparation of superfine sugar is made possible. To make superfine sugar, take measurements of the amount of sugar your recipe needs. Afterward, put it in the blender or food processor and blend. You should blend it at a low speed for 15 seconds till the crystals become small and are ground evenly.

Powdered sugar

Powdered sugar



This is another form of sugar different from granulated and superfine sugar. Do not use this in crispy food recipes. This is because brownies and other baked goods would probably turn out to be softer and less crispy. However, it will still act in a pinch. The crystals of powdered sugar are so little that the sweetener is powdery and delicate(soft) like flour. This, therefore, does not seem to have a crystallized form at all. It is best to use it in non-crispy recipes. To substitute use in equal parts as the recipe requires superfine sugar.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar


It is best for providing a crispy texture and great taste(flavor). This substitute works well especially as a superfine sugar substitute in recipes. It has a rich, spicy flavor. To substitute, get an equal amount of brown sugar for superfine sugar and blend it in a blender. However, brown sugar will add a tingle of molasses flavor to any baked good such as; plain cake recipes, sugar cookies, and pound cake.

Liquid sweeteners



Honey, maple syrup, a given, or other liquid sweeteners can be used to substitute for superfine sugar. Beware of the distinct taste of each liquid sweetener. This is because it will transform into the taste or flavor of the final product. Liquid sweeteners are less probable to produce a crisp or crunchy cookie than a super fine, granulated, or brown sugar. They tend to be sweeter on the tongue than superfine sugar. Therefore when substituting, use only ¾ of the sugar amount in the recipe.




Sucralose is an artificial sweetener. It is in liquid form and is made from sugar. It has the same volume as real sugar. You can use the granulated structure of sucralose in any kind of recipe. This is because of its heat-stable features. However, it tends to bake faster. So it is important to make sure to keep an eye on the oven when baking cookies, cakes, brownies, and pies. To substitute, use the same amount of superfine sugar for it in your baked goods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is superfine sugar really necessary?

Yes, it is if a recipe calls for it. The most common reason is that it is going to dissolve faster and blend itself into sauces, bases, and creams, better than granulated sugar.

What should you do if you do not have superfine sugar at home?

If you do not have superfine sugar at home, you can easily make it. To make, take 1 cup + 2 teaspoons of white sugar in the processor and blend it for 30 seconds. This gives you your 1 cup of superfine sugar, with little stress or hitch.

What is superfine sugar?

It’s a finer form of granulated sugar that is lighter in weight and dissolves more quickly in baking goods. Such baked goods include; meringues, macarons, and other baked goods and it is also used most of the time in the preparation of some drinks. These include cocktails like lemon-drop cocktails.


There comes a time where one will be in need of a substitute. It could be for various reasons. This article has highlighted five superfine sugar substitutes. I  hope you found this helpful.