Kasoori Methi Substitute

Kasoori methi, which is also known as fenugreek in English. It is grown annually. Due to the excellent health benefits of its seeds and leaves, it is commonly used in Indian cuisine. It contains many vitamins such as vitamin K, A, C, B complex, calcium, etc. It is a dietary fiber high in magnesium, iron, and potassium. Kasoori methi is sun-dried fenugreek leaves that have a slightly bitter taste, almost like the combination of celery and fennel. They are crushed and used as a seasoning on meat or in curries before serving. They are used to add flavor to food and as traditional medicine as well.


Kasoori methi is said to have a bitter but addictive taste. However, Sometimes one may run out of kasoori methi. It could also be that a person isn’t exactly fond of this vegetable herb. This then brings up the need for a suitable substitute. This article highlights five excellent substitutes for Kasoori methi.

Kasoori Methi Nutrition Facts

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Fenugreek Seeds Nutrition Facts

Uses of kasoori methi in recipes

Kasoori methi is used for a variety of recipes. Some of the recipes that call for Kasoori methi include the following;

  1. Aloo kasoori methi.
  2. Kasoori methi parathas
  3. Khada masala murgh with kasoori methi
  4. Matar paneer
  5. Rajma(kidney bean curry)

Substitute for kasoori methi

Although nothing can really mimic the taste and flavor of kasoori methi, some herbs could suffice as substitutes. Here is a list of some excellent replacements for it;

Fenugreek Seeds



Just like its leaves, fenugreek seeds are packed with nutrients. They are also rich in vitamins B, C, K, etc. Where or when the leaves are absent, the seeds suffice or can be used in place of it. They are the closest in taste and flavor to kasoori methi. However, since these are seeds, it’ll be necessary to add them at the early stages of cooking, unlike the leaves. The seeds could be ground to a powder form or dried to release the aroma. They could also be fried alongside the base of the dish. You may add watercress to this substitute to achieve some bulkiness. This is to imitate the bulkiness that kasoori methi would have given the dish. When substituting, you can use it as you would use Kasoori methi.



This is another nutritious vegetable substitute for kasoori methi. Although the taste is different from kasoori methi, it is the closest aroma and texture to kasoori methi.  Spinach is also very rich in vitamins and has a lot of health benefits. It provides folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin C, etc., to the body for good health. They are said to help boost the immune system. They have a grassy taste and soften quickly. Therefore they need to be added to the dish close to serving. These dark green vegetables will add color and flavor to your dish. When substituting, use this as you would Kasoori methi.

Curry Powder

Curry powder


One of the ingredients in making curry powder is kasoori methi. Lal around the world, curry is an essential spice used in cooking. However, its origins can be traced down to Indian cuisine. Curry powder has a unique flavor. This is due to the combination of a variety of sweet and savory spices. Curry powder is mixed with spices like; bay leaves, turmeric, and cumin, which gives it a deep earthy flavor. It also contains cinnamon and cloves, which give it a bright, sweet flavor. Its level of heat, however, depends on the amount of pepper used.

Using curry powder will be a bonus to your dish as it is a mixture of kasoori methi and other flavorful herbs. It would even add to the color of your dish. You can use curry powder in your recipe as you desire.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are curry leaves the same as fenugreek leaves?

No. Curry leaves are not the same as fenugreek leaves. They have citrus and peppery flavor and look a bit like bay leaves.

What is kasoori methi called in English-language?

They are called dried fenugreek leaves in English.

What flavor or taste does kasoori methi have?

It has a bitter taste and a robust distinct flavor.


Kasoori methi has many health benefits. This is why it’s popular in Indian cuisine. However, there are times where one may need to substitute kasoori methi for a number of reasons. These reasons range from unavailability to preference or health reasons. This article has highlighted five kasoori methi substitutes to suit your needs. I hope you found this helpful.