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How Long to Cook Bubba Burgers

For many people, summer brings exciting memories of outdoor afternoons, and sunny, bright, and happy days. If you’re a food enthusiast, you’ll agree that summer is also a good time to introduce delicious burgers as a staple recipe, and it can be tempting to just run out and get some fast food burgers.

However, that is all in the past now that a lot of home cooks have realized how convenient BUBBA burgers are. With BUBBA burgers, you can cook straight from frozen to delicious without any need to thaw. Cooking BUBBA burgers also means that you can exclude any preservatives and additives and cook them in whatever way you prefer.

In this article, we’ll show you the different ways to cook BUBBA burgers to perfection. Also, make sure to take note of appropriate timing guidelines for each cooking method in order to get the best results. So, sit tight and pay close attention; you’re on your way to becoming a BUBBA burger pro.

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How Long To Cook Bubba Burgers

Different Methods for Cooking Bubba Burgers

The grill is by no means the only way to prepare and enjoy BUBBA burger recipes. In truth, there are about as many cooking methods for BUBBA burgers as there are BUBBA burger variants. Some of the other popular cooking methods (besides grilling) have been described below:

Cooking BUBBA Burgers on the Stovetop/Skillet

  • Increase the heat to medium-high and pour a little amount of any neutral-flavored oil into the skillet.
  • Cook the frozen BUBBA burger patties for 4 to 5 minutes on each side in the skillet as soon as it gets fully heated.
  • If preferred, add the cheese and set the pan’s lid atop it to melt the cheese.

Cooking BUBBA Burgers in the Air Fryer

  • In the bottom of the air fryer’s basket, arrange your frozen BUBBA burger patties. Overcrowding or overlapping the patties is not a good idea, so ensure to avoid this.
  • Heat up the air fryer to a temperature of 370°F.
  • Cook the BUBBA burger patties in the preheated air fryer for 13 to 15 minutes (make sure to turn them midway through the cooking process), until the internal temperature of beef BUBBA burger variants reaches 160°F, or 165°F for turkey and vegetable BUBBA burger varieties.

Cooking BUBBA Burgers in the Oven

  • Adjust the oven’s temperature setting to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, then leave it to preheat.
  • Arrange the frozen BUBBA burger patties 1 to 2 inches apart on a prepared baking sheet.
  • Bake the patties for 5 to 10 minutes, ensuring that the pan is positioned close to the top of the oven during the cooking process.
  • Turn the BUBBA burgers onto the opposite side and bake them for another 5 to 10 minutes, or until their internal temperature rises to 160°F for beef and 165°F for turkey-based and vegetarian BUBBA burgers.
  • If preferred, top your burger patties with some cheese, then leave them to broil in the oven for an additional 3 to 5 minutes.

BUBBA burgers can also be cooked in an instant pot or pressure cooker, as well as a George Foreman grill. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which cooking method to use based on convenience and the available cooking equipment.

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Cooking Time for BUBBA Burgers

Determining the cooking time for BUBBA burgers is usually dependent on the chosen cooking method. The ideal cooking time for BUBBA burger recipes has been described in the table below:

Cooking procedure Cooking time
Cooking BUBBA burgers on the grill 10 minutes
Cooking BUBBA burgers on the stovetop 4 to 5 minutes per side
Cooking BUBBA burgers in the air fryer 13 to 15 minutes
Cooking BUBBA burgers in the oven 10 to 20 minutes
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Ultimate Chili Cheese Bubba burger (4 Servings)

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  • 8 bubba burgers
  • 16 slices of American cheese (you can also decide to use your favorite cheese)
  • 1 large onion, sliced
  • 4 hot dogs or sausage dogs (those with a cheese filling are much preferable)
  • 4 hamburger buns
  • 1 cup of chili
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of black pepper
  • 1 onion (optional ingredient)


  1. Light a gas barbecue or a charcoal grill. Arrange the frozen BUBBA burgers on the skillet or grill as soon as it is sufficiently heated. Wait until the juices are visible on top before flipping the burgers.
  2. Using salt and pepper, season the burgers.
  3. Put the hot dogs atop the preheated grill. You will find it most beneficial  to start cooking the hot dogs on the portion of the grill with indirect heat.
  4. Flip the burgers without pressing down on them. Doing it this way is important  to keep in all of their delicious fluids. Cook the burgers until they reach a temperature of 161 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Place the hot dogs over the portion of the grill with direct heat when they’re almost fully cooked, this will help to get excellent grill marks on them.
  6. Remove the burgers from the direct heat portion of the grill when they reach 161 degrees and top with the cheese. To melt the cheese, close the cover on the grill for the next few minutes.
  7. Take the hot dogs and burgers off the grill and set them aside.

Building the burgers

  1. On a plate, first place the bottom bun, and atop it, arrange one of the cooked  BUBBA burgers.
  2. Slice the hot dogs lengthwise in half and then in half again.
  3. Arrange the hot dog slices atop the burger.
  4. Top the hot dog with ¼ cup of chili.
  5. On top of the chili, place the second cooked burger.
  6. On top of the second burger, place a slice of onion.
  7. With the bun top on the rest of the food stack, finish building the Ultimate Chili Cheese BUBBA burger.
  8. Serve the finished BUBBA burger with any delicious sides of your choosing. Chips or French fries are a great option.

This BUBBA burger recipe yields such delicious results, provided that you’re following the right cooking instructions. The entire cooking time for this recipe is 20 minutes, including a prep time of 10 minutes and a cook time of 10 minutes.

BUBBA burgers are an absolutely fun and delicious way to enjoy summer gatherings, so take advantage of all the information in this article to ensure that yours turn out perfect. If you’d like to see more recipe ideas for BUBBA burgers, then we recommend that you check out this video recipe.

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