How to Use a Frigidaire Oven With Air Fryer

Air frying is one of the features of the Frigidaire oven that functions similarly to a countertop air fryer. Super-heated air rushes around the food within an air fryer oven to produce crisp, golden results without using as much oil as deep-frying.

The Frigidaire oven has an air fryer feature. By incorporating the same technology behind air frying into your oven, the Air Fry feature eliminates the need for a separate countertop gadget.

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If you’re looking forward to trying out the air frying function on your new Frigidaire oven to introduce some diversity into your cooking, take advantage of all the helpful hints and guidelines that this article will provide to help you get the most out of your Frigidaire air fryer oven.

Tips for Using a Frigidaire Oven with Air Fryer

Pay attention to all the tips, suggestions, and guidelines that have been outlined below to help you get familiar with the air frying process in a Frigidaire oven:

Ideal cookware to use – A dark, non-stick baking sheet with low sides is ideal for air frying with a Frigidaire oven. The Ready Cook Air Fry tray, in particular, will help you achieve faster and crispier results. It allows air to flow around each food item, ensuring that it is crunchy on all sides.

Use aluminum foil and other liners in the right manner – Dark pans are best for air frying since they heat up and stay hot rapidly. On the other hand, Shiny foil tends to radiate heat away from the bakeware, potentially altering the outcome of your cooking.

When using the Air fry Tray in the Frigidaire oven, we recommend placing a baking sheet over a rack a few positions below your air fry tray during the cooking process. To collect any dripping or crumbs, a line that baking sheet with parchment or foil (or both), but you should never consider putting aluminum foil, bakeware, or liners directly on the oven floor.

Air circulation and direct heat within any oven can be hampered when items are kept in this position. It is thus important to keep the oven’s bottom clear to allow appropriate air circulation.

Some recipes to try – Most meals that can be deep-fried can be cooked using the air fry setting on your Frigidaire oven. Here are a few of the most popular recipes to explore:

A note on oils – While air frying, it’s important to use cooking oils that can withstand high temperatures, so peanut, avocado, and grapeseed oil are all excellent choices. Brush lightly with these oils, or spray an even coating of cooking spray formulated from them for optimal results.

Extra virgin olive oil has a low smoke point, making it unsuitable for air frying; however extra light olive oil has a higher smoke point and can thus be used in the air frying process. Other varieties of olive oil and some vegetable oils tend to smoke at lower temperatures, causing food to dry out quickly and prevent crisping.

When cooking breaded foods – Crispy meals require just the right amount of oil to help breadings and coatings stick properly to the food item, but not so much that the results turn out mushy. Ideally, you should spray the outside of the food with a little more oil if it has a floury or crumbly feel.

If you’re preparing your air-fried recipe from scratch, lightly coat your homemade ingredients in oil (don’t use too much, else, the food won’t develop a crispy quality). Afterward, position the food item so that the oven’s hot air circulates every piece as much as possible.

How to limit smoking while using the air fry feature – If your Frigidaire oven is producing so much smoke while using the air fry feature, consider the following suggestions:

  • Place a baking pan one or two racks below the Air Fry Tray when using it. This prevents drippings and food crumbs from falling to the bottom of the oven, where they could burn and cause smoke. Also, position some foil-lined parchment on the sheet pan for added protection. Oil will get trapped behind the parchment paper, thus preventing it from smoking.
  • Because air fryers use super-heated air, they can cause smoke if the bottom of the oven already has some food crumbs or drippings on it. Keep the bottom of your oven clean to prevent this.
  • If your oven has an oven outlet, use it for cooking with the air fry feature, just like you would on the stovetop.
  • If the catch-tray of the oven is smoking, consider lining it with parchment paper to absorb the grease. You may need to use more for extra-moist foods. It’ll be well worth the effort.
  • Ensure to prevent parchment paper, foil, and bakeware from covering the oven’s bottom. The oven bottom must remain clear to allow air to circulate.

How to clean – It is ideal for placing a baking sheet with a rack or two underneath the Air Fry Tray to gather any crumbs or drips before utilizing the air fry feature. This will ensure that the oven’s bottom is kept clean and free of any falling particles that could burn or generate odors later. To maintain proper heat circulation, avoid placing pans straight on the oven’s bottom.

Keep in mind that while the Air Fry Tray is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended for the best results. It’s made to contain items that have previously been oiled, which should prevent food from sticking.


Having a Frigidaire oven with an air fry feature is a great way to conserve space on your kitchen countertop because you essentially get an oven and an air fryer in one appliance.

If you’ve already purchased a Frigidaire oven and have no idea how to work with the air fry feature, take a cue from the helpful tips outlined in this article. Also, make sure to consult the user manual that came with your appliance if any confusion arises.