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Air Fryer Salmon Recipes

Salmon cooked in the air fryer is ideal because it produces the most crispy exterior and cooks quickly. Without turning on the stove, you may make something delicious and healthful.

Air fryers have become an indispensable feature of our everyday meals. It’s truly the ideal kitchen appliance. When it’s scorching hot outside due to the summer, we use the air fryer to instantly cook quick, healthy (or delicious) dinners.

Salmon is at the tippy top of my list for quick weekday meals. Moreover, salmon is ideal when the skin is crispy, and the flesh is flaky and juicy in the middle. Believe it or not, the air fryer is the simplest way to accomplish this.

Salmon Nutrition Facts

Air Fryer Salmon Recipes

Tips on Cooking Salmon in Air Fryer

Preheating – Before placing the seasoned salmon in the air fryer, preheat it. I recommend doing this to ensure that the salmon cooks evenly. Moreover, this reduces the cooking time and gives the salmon a crispier edge.

Cook the salmon with the skin on to keep the juices – While the salmon cooks, the skin will attach to the air fryer, making the skinless filet easy to remove. You can cook salmon over high heat – 400°F or more – until it reaches a temperature of 145°F on the inside.

I always advise against taking the skin off the salmon before cooking, except if you are poaching the salmon, you can remove the skin if you want – this is the only exception.

I assure you that the tough and fatty skin is one of the strongest defenses against overcooking when baking, roasting, broiling, pan-searing, or grilling.

Moreover, the salmon has a crunchy crust on the exterior, plus a moist and flaky texture on the interior, which goes great with crispy baby potatoes or roasted veggies.

Temperature – If you use an oven air fryer, you can bake the salmon for 10-15 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cook for at least 12 minutes if using the basket method, then add further time if needed.

Make sure your basket is not overcrowded – Since the wetness from the salmon fillets touching each other can alter the hot air moving around the salmon quickly, you risk the salmon not being crispy. If necessary, you can try to air fry the fish in two batches.

Oil – Aside from a really good piece of fish, the only real technique for air-frying salmon is patting it down and spraying it with a light coating of olive oil. All you need is a teaspoon. That’s one of the advantages of using an air fryer: you don’t need a lot of oil.

Flavoring – I prefer to leave the salmon’s taste to shine, so I usually only season it with salt and pepper but go ahead if you want to add a spice blend. When it is done cooking, a squeeze of lemon juice is also great.

Make sure you don’t overcook it – Nothing is more upsetting than a tough and overcooked fillet. The white bubbles that leak from the sides of a fillet of salmon indicate that it has been overdone.

Doneness – An instant-read thermometer is the best way to tell whether salmon is done. According to the FDA, Salmon should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F in the thickest portion. You can remove your air-fried salmon when it reaches 135 degrees F, cover it, and set it aside to rest.

Another way to tell is to use a fork to see if it easily flakes off.

What to serve and garnish with – With a slice of this exquisite air fryer salmon, a fresh salad is a terrific accompaniment. You can serve it on top of Corn Tomato Avocado Salad or Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad for a well-balanced supper.

Rice, couscous, barley, and farro are all good grains to serve with salmon for a substantial supper too. You can go on and serve the salmon with Lebanese Rice, Mediterranean Couscous Salad, or Turmeric Rice Salad as a side dish.

Vegetables are also considered an excellent option that allows you to cook any vegetables you’re serving with the salmon in the air fryer.

The air-fried salmon goes well with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice and Almond Green Beans.


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How Long to Cook Salmon in Air Fryer?

The time taken to cook salmon in an air fryer is typically set by the thickness and size of the salmon pieces and the model of the air fryer you are using. The thicker the salmon, the longer it takes to air-fry.

Preparation Time

Cook Time

Total Time

5 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes

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Air Fryer Salmon Recipes

Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

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  1. Collect and gather all of the necessary ingredients for this extravagant dish.
  2. Please take the garlic, parsley, and salt and use them to season the salmon filets.
  3. Place the fillets skin-side down in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Butter and lemon slices go on top of each filet.
  4. You can air fry the salmon at 400°F for 10-13 minutes (depending on the thickness of your fillets) or until it reaches 145°F on the inside.

You can turn to your air fryer for the quickest supper ever. The salmon cooks in 10 minutes and is delightfully soft and flaky on the inside, with a delicious top crust.

While your air fryer is heating up, you can even go on and bake some air fryer potatoes or chocolate chip cookies to go with it. This is one of my favorite salmon meals because of the sweet mustard garnish.

An air fryer salmon recipe is a quick and easy meal to prepare, and it’ll be on the table in no time. The salmon is juicy and flaky, with a crunchy exterior. It’s fantastic for supper, but it’s also great in a salmon salad.

So, are you ready to learn how to prepare skinless air fryer salmon? You can watch this video recipe to know more about cooking salmon in an air fryer.

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