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Substitute For Vegetable Oil In Waffles

The waffle is one snack that benefits from good vegetable oil; different vegetable oil is used based on the waffle recipe. Vegetable oil is one of the basic ingredients for waffles because of its convenience; it helps evenly hold and distribute the heat, acts as a carrier for other ingredients that add flavor, and makes the batter fluffy and light.

However, the need for a substitute would become important when you have no Vegetable oil to use or don’t want to, some people love waffles but don’t like the vegetable oil used in them, so they look for a better replacement. Well, in this article, I will be sharing some of the easy and convenient substitutes for vegetable oil; some might already be in your kitchen.

Substitute For Vegetable Oil In Waffles


Vegetable Oil Nutrition Facts

Substitute For Vegetable Oil In Waffles

What is Vegetable Oil?

Vegetable oil or vegetable fat is extracted from plant seeds and parts; it is a mixture of triglycerides, just like animal fats. It is an edible oil that is mild, flavorless, odorless and has a light yellowish color.

There are different types of vegetable oil. Some of them include; canola oil, sunflower oil, Palm oil, Peanut oil, Cottonseed oil, Coconut oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and oils made from fruits such as olives and avocados.

However, most common cooking vegetable oils are made from pure soybean, labeled as ‘vegetable oil.’ The oils contain crushed soybean and sometimes a blend of corn oil; the reason why it isn’t called soybean oil, and it’s called vegetable oil might be a marketing decision; it allows manufacturers to add another vegetable oil’s like corn oil with the soybean oil without having to change the labels.

Vegetable Oil Used in Recipes

Vegetable oil is a versatile oil used not only for culinary purposes but also for industrial purposes like making cosmetic products, making paint, candles, soap, and many more items, but we will be focusing on its culinary benefits in this article.

Vegetable oil can withstand high temperatures, which is why it is best in recipes that have a high smoke point, like deep-fried or stir fry recipes.

Vegetable oils pair well in several recipes like stir-fries, baked goods, deep-fried foods, etc. It gives texture flavor ( for some oils like almond, olive, and sesame oils) and acts as a shortening for baked goods, and gives fullness when the meal is consumed.

Vegetable Oil Substitute in Waffles

Most people use vegetable oil in animal oils like butter; vegetable oils have some properties, making them a staple for many persons.

The first quality of vegetable oil that makes it a favorite to many is its high smoke point around 450 F; the oil can withstand high temperatures without burning out or imparting a bitter and burnt flavor to your meal.

The second quality of vegetable oil is its inexpensiveness; it is cheap and easy to purchase, making it extremely convenient for you to make your favorite recipe like waffles without breaking the bank.

Vegetable oils are also healthy since most are made from soybean, which carries some beneficial nutrients.

Vegetable oil is used in waffles because it is a carrier for other ingredients that add flavor and make the batter fluffy and light. However, if you don’t want vegetable oil in yours or you just ran out, here are some excellent alternatives for it.



Applesauce is a quick and sweet-tasting alternative for vegetable oil; it is readily available and gives waffles a higher moisture content on the inside. Adding applesauce to your waffle dough mixture would help produce a lifted, sweet, fluffy, and light waffle.

Applesauce is a healthier vegetable oil substitute made from apples; it can be store-bought or homemade. When substituting, start small with a 3/4 cup of applesauce for 1 cup of vegetable oil, then you could make a 1:1 ratio if you don’t mind the sweet taste.



Yogurt is another healthy alternative for vegetable oil; it makes your waffle batter thick, creamy, and delicious. Use low-fat or Greek yogurt for a healthier choice, although Greek yogurt tastes intense.

Yogurt would add tanginess to your waffle recipe that might make it tastier for you; use a 1:1 ratio when substituting.

Mashed Bananas

Mashed Bananas

Ripe mashed bananas are cheap, quick, and easy substitutes for vegetable oil; they give your waffles a sweet banana taste with a light and fluffy texture. Using bananas in your recipe is a healthier alternative to vegetable oil because it contains good nutrients. Adding Cinnamon or nutmeg would give it a more robust flavor and aroma, and for a crunchy texture, you could add some walnuts. When substituting, use a 1:1 ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use butter to substitute vegetable oil in waffles?

Yes, you can. Butter may not be the healthiest choice, but it is a common baking and cooking ingredient you can find anywhere.

Can I use peanut oil to substitute vegetable oil in Waffles?

Peanut oil has a high smoking point, like vegetable oil to substitute in different recipes.

How can I properly store vegetable oil?

Vegetable Oil should be stored inside an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from light and heat. This way, It would last and stay fresh for up to 6 months.


Vegetable Oil is a staple ingredient for many recipes like waffles; it is the go-to option for most persons but isn’t for many others; if you need a healthier alternative, there are many you could use, and if you run out of vegetable oil, there are also plenty alternatives that may even be in your pantry.