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Substitutes For Beef Short Ribs

Whether you boil, braise, or grill them, beef short ribs will always be full of flavor, tender, and delicious. It is popularly served in fancy restaurants, but you could also enjoy some slow-cooked short ribs from the comfort of your home.

Beef short ribs tend to be the main star of many dishes, and it is hard to imagine some recipes without them.

If you are about to make a classic braised beef short rib recipe but could not get beef short rib, you may want to opt for a substitute similar to it. Some people would be skeptical about making this switch, but in this article, I will be sharing the best and most acceptable substitutes for beef short ribs in recipes and how you can use them.

Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at what beef short ribs are all about and how they are used in several recipes.

Substitutes For Beef Short Ribs

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Substitutes For Beef Short Ribs...

What is Beef Short Ribs?

Just as the name suggests, beef short ribs are beef cut from the rib area of beef cattle; this cut can also be taken from the cattle’s brisket, chuck, or plate area. The thickness of the meat does not have a precise measurement, but a typical short rib consists of a short portion of rib bone covered with meat.

Beef short ribs are similar to beef back ribs, so don’t get confused. Beef short ribs are cut from the lower part of a cow’s rib cage, while beef back ribs are cut from the back of the cow, close to the shoulders. The placement of the meats is also different; short ribs have meat overlaying the bones, while beef back ribs have meat between the bones.

Beef short ribs are cut in different ways; they include the English cut, the Flanken cut, the trimmed, the untrimmed, the Lean, the Riblets, and the boneless cuts, with then English and flanken cut being the two most popular types of cuts.

Uses of Beef Short Ribs in Recipes

Beef short ribs can be prepared in various ways, including braising, grilling, pressure cooking, sous vide, and broiling. You can also pair this tender beef short ribs with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, and even noodles; go well with some roasted short ribs.

Some chefs would recommend soaking short ribs before you cook to help eradicate excess blood in the meat; whether you follow this procedure or you wash and throw it on your stove, the juicy short rib will still be packed with that incredible umami flavor. How the short rib is cut may also affect the flavor.

Below are fifteen different recipes that you can make with some short ribs.

  • Balsamic Simmered Short Ribs
  • Grilled Short Ribs with Sesame-Chipotle Mole
  • Guajillo- Braised Beef Short Rib Taco
  • Short Rib Potpie
  • Slow-Cooked Short Ribs with Gremolata
  • Roasted Short Ribs with Cauliflower and Celery
  • Winter Squash and Short Rib Enchiladas
  • Soy and Sesame Short Ribs
  • Stout-Braised Short Ribs
  • Grilled Short Ribs with Lemon and Parsley
  • Carbenet-Braised Short Ribs with Gorgonzola Polenta and Mixed-Herb Gremolata
  • Citrus and Chile Braised Short Ribs
  • Braised Short Ribs with Potatoes and Apples “Risotto Style”
  • Braised Chile-Spiced Short Ribs with Black beans
  • Coconut-Marinated Short Rib Kebabs with Peanut-Chile Oil.

Substitutes for Beef Short Ribs 

Running out of beef short ribs may be a nightmare for a steak lover like me who even enjoys noodles with some beef. Imagine being faced with a recipe that calls for beef Short Ribs, you run to the grocer, but they are all out of this tender steak. You may feel saddened, but no need to go back frustrated, there are several alternatives for beef short ribs you can purchase, and I will be sharing some of them with you.

Beef Back Ribs

Beef Back Ribs


Beef back ribs are one of the most popular and most liked types of steak in the market, and it is understandable when you consider the size. It is cut from the muscles around the backbone of the cattle, and it is cut larger than beef short ribs.

Although its meat is not as thick as beef short ribs, you will still get meat packed with a delicious umami flavor.

Use beef back ribs as a direct substitute to replace short ribs in rice, pasta, and even vegetable dishes.

Beef Chuck Roast

Beef Chuck Roast


Beef chuck roast is a cheaper alternative to beef short rib, and this meat is cut a little bit above the shoulders of the cow. The low price of this steak does not take anything away from the juiciness and rich flavor that is packed within. Your braised beef recipe would also taste amazing with a beef chuck roast.

Beef Plate Short Ribs

Beef Plate Short Ribs


This beef plate short ribs are cut from the lower area of the cow rib cage, and as such, it contains more fat than your regular beef short ribs. When cooking beef plate short ribs, you may want to reduce the oil you use because it already contains a lot of fat which will cook the steak faster.

These beef plate short ribs are a lot juicier and tenderer than beef short ribs, and as such, it is packed with tons of umami.

Beef Shank

Beef Shank


This may be the cheapest beef cut on our list, but it would still have an incredible impact on your recipe. This beef cut is not as popular as other beef cuts, so you may not find it in some stores, but you should grab a piece when you do.

The downside to cooking with beef shank is that it takes longer to cook properly, so you may want to be patient with this one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I replace beef short ribs with pork?

Pork shoulder, pork flank, and pork ribs can all be used to replace beef short ribs in broiling, braising, and smoking recipes. I prefer marinating before smoking for the best results.

Are Country-style ribs the same as short ribs?

Country-style ribs are also called boneless country-style ribs; they are false, short ribs discovered in the United States as a cheaper alternative to beef short ribs.

What is the best way to store beef?

The best way to store beef short ribs would be to refrigerate in a shallow airtight container or a heavy-duty aluminum foil.


Whatever the cooking method is, beef short ribs will always be a blessing to your tastebuds and stomach, but if you run out of this umami goodness, there are some viable alternatives to be acquainted with.