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Substitute for Panko Crumbs

Breadcrumbs can be dried bread cubes utilized when cooking bread foods, filling poultry, thickening soups, etc.

These breadcrumbs are known as panko bread crumbs in Japanese culture. They’re produced with crustless white bread that has been processed and dried.

Compared to regular breadcrumbs, the outcome is a breadcrumb that is lighter and flakier in texture. They are also drier – which means they soak up less oil in your recipe.

If you have never used panko crumbs before, after you are done with this article, you will be relieved to learn there is nothing complex in using it when a recipe calls for it.

Moreover, this is also an opportunity to learn about some excellent substitutes for panko crumbs in your recipes.

Substitute for Panko Crumbs

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Substitute for Panko Crumbs

What is Panko Crumbs

Panko is a breadcrumb that is different from regular breadcrumbs in several ways. Panko breadcrumbs are created with a specific type of crustless bread, and whole wheat bread is never used to make them.

Notably, Panko is a Japanese word that refers to a light breading commonly used in Japanese cuisine to cover deep-fried meals like tonkatsu and chicken katsu. To make them crispier, they are produced by baking coarse breadcrumbs.

They are almost always available in most supermarkets due to their growing popularity in western culture. You will most likely find them in the bakery department of your grocery store, next to the regular breadcrumbs, or in the Asian food aisle.

Panko Crumbs Uses in Recipes

Panko breadcrumbs are typically used to coat meat or fish. Still, they may also be used to add texture to everything from macadamia nuts to celeriac and truffle beignets, as well as crumble toppings and brownies.

Panko Crumbs Substitutes

Panko crumbs are light and flaky, crisp and delicious when fried, and absorb less oil than other crumbing recipe solutions.

If you don’t have panko crumbs on hand, it may deem difficult to come up with a befitting substitute that is golden and crispy.

While you may not get the same results as panko crumbs, a few alternatives are worthy of the substitution. Moreover, understanding different panko crumbs substitutes allows you to select the best suits you.

White Bread

The first panko crumbs substitute I will recommend for you is white bread.

Panko is produced from white bread, but the method by which it is made distinguishes it from other varieties of breadcrumbs.

It’s worth noting that making your breadcrumbs from white bread is the closest you can come to panko breadcrumbs at home.

To make the breadcrumbs – you should begin by ripping white bread pieces using your hands. Pulse these torn-up pieces of white bread in a food processor until they create coarse breadcrumbs – you want it to have a rough consistency comparable to panko crumbs.

After that, you may use these breadcrumbs to coat your food and cook it. You can keep the breadcrumbs in the refrigerator overnight before using them if you want them to be more like dried Panko.


Another excellent panko crumbs substitute is nuts. If you’re going for a nuttier flavor in your fried dish, nuts are a fantastic option for Panko.

You can use a wide range of nuts as a coating for your dish, but basic peanuts or almonds are perhaps the most popular.

You can get the nuts ready for crushing. Because the nuts are so small, crushing them using a rolling pin may be the best option. Roll the pin back and forth to crush the peanuts gently.

If you have a food processor, pulse the nuts until they reach the desired consistency. You could use a combination of nuts if you wanted to be more creative.

Parmesan Cheese

While parmesan cheese is on the opposite end of the culinary spectrum from panko crumbs, it is a tasty replacement that adds a lot of flavor to the cuisine.

Parmesan is a keto-friendly crumbing option, so it’s a great alternative to panko crumbs if you have a dietary restriction. You can buy ground or powdered parmesan to avoid conducting the preparation yourself.

If you have a block of parmesan at home, you can prepare it for crumbing by grating it using a fine grater.

Parmesan cheese adds a rich cheesy taste and a crisp texture. However, you may mix the parmesan with butter to coat the proteins or add more texture by mixing it with flour or almond flour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any difference between Panko and breadcrumbs?

Panko is produced from the dried flakes of processed white bread (no skin).

Since these breadcrumbs have a dryer and flakier texture than regular breadcrumbs, they retain less oil, making fried meals taste lighter and crunchier.

Is Panko a better alternative to bread crumbs?

Regular breadcrumbs include more calories, fat, and sodium than Panko. When creating a dish, it is a terrific healthier alternative to regular bread crumbs.

What Is The Best Substitute For Panko Bread Crumbs?

Breadcrumbs made at home with white bread would probably be the finest substitute for panko breadcrumbs. Since Panko is manufactured from bread, it’s only natural that producing your breadcrumbs from white bread will taste and feel as near to Panko as feasible.


Panko breadcrumbs are a fantastic accompaniment to fried foods, but there are many reasons why people seek alternatives.

They may not have any panko bread crumbs on hand, or they may be unable to eat Panko due to dietary constraints. After all, these aren’t keto, paleo, or gluten-free breadcrumbs.

There are lots of panko breadcrumb substitutes available. You can choose from the few options highlighted in this article for you.