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Substitute for Gruyere in Mac and Cheese

Gruyere cheese is a firm yellow cheese from Switzerland. It’s named after a place called Gruyere in Switzerland. It’s made from whole cow milk and left for six months or more to age. It has small holes, which is an unusual feature for Swiss cheese, and Swiss cheeses have large holes resulting from gas bubbles during the cheese-making process.

Gruyere Cheese Nutrition Facts

Gruyere Cheese Nutrition Facts

It’s pronounced “groo-YAIR” and revered for being rich, creamy, salty, and nutty in flavor. The flavor of this cheese varies, depending on the age; fresh, young ones have pronounced creaminess and nuttiness, while older ones have a more complex earthiness.

Uses of Gruyere in Recipes

Mac and cheese isn’t the only place where Gruyere cheese excels, and it’s very nice and most suitable for baking. Plus, it brings a unique creamy texture and mild sweetness to dishes, like quiches and gratins.

Gruyere melts perfectly and is a great option for fondues and dips. It’s of a high water-to-oil ratio, which helps the cheese melt evenly. It also has a salty flavor with a hint of nuttiness. Gruyere cheese can be used in many ways, like alongside other cheeses, on pizzas, in mashed potatoes.

Gruyere cheese is a staple in so many recipes, some of which include;

Gruyere Cheese in Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese, popularly called mac and cheese, is a dish comprising pasta and cheese sauce. It’s made by baking macaroni and cheese in a casserole or cooking on a stove. And gruyere cheese is a more mature option for mac and cheese.

Gruyere is a hard cheese with a smooth and velvety texture when it melts. And its complex nutty, sweet, and earthy flavor blend combines well with mac and cheese. You can combine Gruyere cheese with some cheddar for incredible deliciousness when making mac and cheese. You can also go wild by adding freshly grated nutmeg for a nice kick.

Gruyere Cheese Substitute for Mac and Cheese

Making mac and cheese without Gruyere is quite possible, provided you know what you’re doing. And many cheese varieties can easily replace it in this classic American meal. So, check some of the best options below;




Just like gruyere cheese, this substitute is also from Switzerland and is named after its region of origin. It’s also referred to as Emmentaler or Emmenthal and offers the same features as gruyere cheese. It has holes, is hard, and is also made from cow milk. Plus, it has fantastic melting properties and is often used alongside or instead of gruyere cheese when making fondues.

You can also use it in sandwiches, bruschetta, and mac and cheese. Use Emmental cheese in a 1:1 ratio when replacing gruyere cheese in your mac and cheese.

Comte Cheese

Comte Cheese


This is another impressive substitute for Gruyere cheese. It’s a semi-hard French cheese made from cow milk, and it’s commonly called the king of French cheeses and is famous for its distinct Jura terroir. It’s similar to Gruyere cheese in taste and texture and is widely available.

Comte is as good as melting cheese like gruyere cheese and works perfectly in mac and cheese. So, use Comte cheese in an equal ratio when substituting for gruyere cheese in your mac and cheese.


This is another Swiss cheese that originates from Valais in Switzerland, and it gets its name from a dish called raclette. It’s a semi-hard cheese like Comte cheese and made from raw cow milk. Raclette is commonly left to age between three to six months and offers a fruity, nutty, milky, spicy flavor with a lightly floral aroma. And like gruyere cheese, it’s a great melting cheese and a perfect substitute.

Raclette works wonders in fondues or as toppings for hot dishes such as lasagna or pizza, and it can also be included in sandwiches or as part of a cheeseboard. When using to replace gruyere cheese, consider replacing with half the amount, meaning for every cup of Gruyere cheese, use half a cup of raclette cheese in your mac and cheese.

Le Brouere Cheese

Le Brouere Cheese


This is another excellent substitute for gruyere cheese and is a firm cheese that originates from Lorraine, France. It’s made with cow milk and is a staple in the ingredients for quiches. Le Brouere cheese is normally left to properly mature for around four to seven months.

This substitute is sometimes considered the best for Gruyere cheese, and many even say it’s a French version of Gruyere cheese. So, you can use Le Brouere cheese in equal amounts when replacing Gruyere in your mac and cheese.

Beaufort Cheese

This French cheese comes with a savory flavor and firm texture. In addition, Beaufort cheese is made with unpasteurized cow’s milk and is regarded as one of the best Alpine cheeses globally. It’s also produced in the French Alps, namely Beaufortain.

The cheese is a worthy substitute for Gruyere cheese, so treat it exactly as you will Gruyere. As such, use Beaufort cheese at equal amounts as the recipe calls for the original ingredient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Gruyere cheese equivalent to?

Like Gruyere cheese, Jarlsberg cheese is another Swiss cheese that works very well in dishes, and it possesses the same qualities and works very well in quiche and other recipes.

Is Gruyere cheese similar to mozzarella?

Mozzarella has a completely different flavor and wouldn’t work as a replacement for Gruyere cheese. You can use it if you don’t have other substitutes for Gruyere cheese, but it should be your last resort.

Is Gruyere a healthy cheese?

In some situations, yes. Gruyere cheese boosts metabolism, stimulates stomach bacteria to produce more butyrate, and some say it may help prevent cancer.


Gruyere cheese is delightful, tasty, and unique, and mac and cheese is one delicacy that uses cheese. Plus, many will argue they’ve never heard Gruyere goes with mac and cheese as many chefs go for the popular choice of cheese. But for those who do, it can seem hard to replace when you plan to make your favorite pasta delight. But we’ve brought other great cheese substitutes that can work perfectly in its place and bring you very close to the feeling you get when you have gruyere cheese.