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Orgeat Syrup Substitute

Orgeat syrup is an almond-flavored sweet syrup that has orange flower water or rose water added. Orgeat syrup is a sweet French blend initially made from a fusion of barley and almond. The intense taste of almonds is an excellent source of flavor for cocktails and certain meals.

It is a word that originates from the Latin term “hordeaceus,” which translates to “made with barley.” Most present-day Orgeat has forsaken this ancient ingredient, today, Orgeat includes sugar, almond, rose water, and lemon. But the original syrup was a barley and orange water infusion.

Almonds, which orgeat are made of, are a great source of vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, healthy nutrients that the body needs. Orgeat has a lot of health benefits that help you lose weight and protect you from disease.


Orgeat syrup substitute

If you are making a cocktail and run out of some orgeat syrup, don’t fret. The following Orgeat substitutes will help you out of a bind but keep in mind that the flavor won’t be as rich and complex as the original. However, it still beats not being able to make that Mai Tai! So here are the top alternatives.

Almond Syrup

Almond Syrup

Almond syrup will taste better with almond flavor, and you can use it in coffee, cocoa, cocktails, or other types of drinks. While you will taste the nutty almond taste when you use this syrup, you will not get the deep, rich, bitter spice flavor that comes with the orgeat syrup. And this is because it lacks the rose water or the orange blossom that complements the orgeat syrup.

However, it is an excellent substitute. Almond extract and milk are excellent alternatives too. They will both require extra sugar, as they are not sweet. But, they are suitable substitutes for your orgeat syrup. Almond milk is better in food than in drinks, unlike almond extract that you can use in beverages.



From the Caribbean, falernum syrup has a nutty almond flavor like the orgeat syrup. Other flavors are ginger, lime, cloves, or allspice. This syrup can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on your preference. It has a rich, thick, and silky consistency that makes it a delight for people.

Although you can’t get the real depth of taste you will have from the original orgeat syrup, your drink will still taste delicious with it. It has a spicy feel that will go well with your cocktails. You should use about ½ or 1 ounce of falernum with your cocktails. Make sure to shake the mixture well, and garnish with some lime or pineapple.



Amaretto is an Italian liqueur that has a sweet, nutty flavor with a hint of cherries. It is made from apricot pits which provide bitterness you won’t get from orgeat syrup. You’ll want to add amaretto slowly and then taste test to avoid overwhelming food and beverages. Use amaretto in cookies, cakes, frostings, and espresso, or add it to cocktails like Army Navy or Fog Cutter. For a more authentic flavor profile, try adding a half teaspoon of rose water.

Almond Milk

Almond Milk

For people who prefer a more subtle taste of almonds, almond milk may work in some food recipes and hot beverages like tea. You won’t get the same sweetness from milk, so we suggest adding extra sugar. Of course, for those hoping to reduce their sugar intake, almond milk is a good replacement option.

As with any of the replacements for orgeat on this page, you can get a taste closer to the original ingredient. Simply add a ¼ teaspoon of almond essence, rose water, or orange essence. This concoction is a tasty option that won’t last long on the bar counter. Almond milk will muddy up most cocktails, so it’s best used in food recipes.

Crème de Noyaux

Originally from France, the crème de noyaux is made from peach pits or kernels of cherry. Basically, you will infuse any of these ingredients or combine them into distilled alcohol and then add sugar as a sweetener.  Depending on what is added, this drink can have a red color or look crystal clear. The fruit stones–kernel, pit, cherry–provide the drink with a lemon-lime flavor, making them sometimes classified as almond liquors even though they do not have almonds or nuts in them. It is a delicious syrup that goes exceptionally well with your cappuccino, champagne, or tea.

It is also a high-quality drink, hence the crème in the name. You do not also have to worry about poisoning when you take this drink–kernels contain amygdalin, which is poisonous. The distillers take great care in processing the drink. It is a drink that can be mixed with amaretto to improve its taste and flavor.



Orzata is an Italian syrup that has no alcohol content. However, it is a perfect mix for your cocktail. If you do not want rosewater or orange blossom in your drink or food, then you will love this syrup. It has a taste that closely resembles that of the orgeat syrup, and you can use it for your granita, gelato, and cocktails. You can also add it to your beer or Italian soda.

It is made from barley, seeds, nuts, and roots and flavored with benzoin resin extract. It is this combination that gives the drink its bitter almond flavor. It is also why it is a favorite among bartenders since it can be a substitute for orgeat syrup while at the same time, pairing well with water or ice cubes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take orgeat syrup if I have nut allergies?

Many variations of this syrup have nuts or derivatives of nuts in them. Almond nuts are the natural flavor of orgeat syrup. Therefore, if you are allergic to nuts, you should avoid using this syrup to mix your drink. You may go for other alternatives that do not have nuts or derivatives but taste similar to orgeat syrup. Check out some of these alternatives above.

Can I refrigerate my almond syrup?

Yes, you can refrigerate it to keep it fresh whenever you want to use it. You may also refrigerate it between uses. However, make sure to keep it well closed to preserve its integrity. In the refrigerator, your almond syrup should last about six months or a bit more.

Does orgeat go bad?

Yes, it does. Whether you are purchasing a quality orgeat or making some at home, the tasty almond syrup is not going to live on the shelf forever. When stored properly (in the refrigerator), it lasts up to two months maximum. When it starts to smell or get moldy, then it is bad and should be discarded.


Orgeat syrup is a sweet, nutty liquid that is excellent used in food recipes, cocktails, and much more. If you don’t have any, then consider the substitutes on this list. Substitution is super-easy and doesn’t require any obscure ingredients or additional skill.