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How to Cook Pre-cooked Shrimp (3)

How to Cook Pre-Cooked Shrimp

Do you have a recipe that calls for pre-cooked shrimp? Yes, you heard it right. Some menus work best with already cooked shrimp instead of fresh ones. But it may also be that you have excess leftover shrimp from last night’s cocktail party. Well, here, you’ll find out the best ways to reheat pre-cooked shrimp …

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How Long To Cook Raw Shrimp (2)

How Long to Cook Raw Shrimp

Hearing how quickly raw shrimp can overcook can be discouraging. And while many suggest the C-curl or pinkish hue observation methods, you can still end up obliterating this dainty seafood. But it’s not hard to master how long it takes to cook raw shrimp. And here, you’ll discover you’ve been working yourself up about it …

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How to Know if Shrimp is Cooked.....

How to Know if Shrimp is Cooked

Whether you’re making shrimp cocktail or scampi, the biggest worry is overcooking or undercooking the seafood. And while the former results in a chewy, rubbery dish, the latter can expose you to pathogenic risks at consumption. And since we’re particular about how our shrimp recipes come out, we tend to walk this line with caution. …

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How to Cook Shrimp for Pasta (3)

How to Cook Shrimp for Pasta

Everyone knows one of the tastiest ways to prepare pasta is with a great helping of shrimp. And the reason is pretty simple. Shrimp is easy to make, tastes heavenly, and blends perfectly with many sweet and savory flavors. But many may find these facts hard to believe, especially after coming across some rather spectacular …

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How to Know When Shrimp is Cooked

Tasty, flexible, and highly affordable, shrimp remains one of the most widely cooked types of seafood in the world. It goes with virtually anything, from salads to sauces, burgers and sandwiches, cereals, stews, soups, and even vegetable dishes. But with so many recipes flooding the internet, you may be worried about finding the perfect method …

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How Long to Cook Shrimp in the Ovens

How Long to Cook Shrimp in the Oven

Shrimps that are roasted until they’re hot and juicy tossed over a quick bowl of pasta, or shredded zucchini is one of my favorite walk-in-the-door meals. The great thing about shrimp is that they only take a few minutes to cook, even if you start with frozen shrimp. Baking shrimp is the most straightforward, quickest, …

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