Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Yes, you are seeing it correctly; I am posting a recipe for egg salad sandwiches! These sandwiches have been around nearly forever. Many of you may not have had an egg salad sandwich in... [more]

Chicken Burritos Recipe

You can forget about Taco Bell because these chicken burritos are the best. Today I have for you a recipe for restaurant quality burritos. Unfortunately, these are not for everyone. Due to the many... [more]

Baked Shrimp Recipe

If you are a big fan of seafood you will love this recipe for baked shrimp. One of the best parts about shrimp is it doesn’t take very long to cook. The cook time... [more]

Onion Burgers Recipe

Here is another delicious hamburger recipe – onion burgers. These were a fantastic change from the burgers I’m used to making. The highlight of this recipe is the beer braised onions. They really added... [more]

Lime Chicken Tacos Recipe

There are so many different ways to make tacos but lime chicken tacos are some of the best. These tacos are a delicious and light meal, great for summertime. The flavors of lime and... [more]

Tomato Bruschetta Recipe

If you enjoyed my recipe for chicken bruschetta, you will love this. Tomato bruschetta uses no meat and is absolutely delicious. This recipe doesn’t just use roma tomatoes but also uses sun dried tomatoes... [more]