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How to Cook an Arm Roast in the Oven

Are you looking for a beef cut to feed a large crowd? Then, the arm roast is an excellent choice. This juicy roast can be worked into various recipes and is cooked using numerous methods. But here, you’ll learn how to turn out a juicy, crispy, and tender arm roast recipe using an oven!

How to Cook an Arm Roast in the Oven(2)

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How to Cook an Arm Roast in the Oven

Why Cook an Arm Roast in an Oven?

Arm roast goes by many other names, including chuck arm pot roast, chuck arm roast, and shoulder pot roast. Regardless, its impressive contribution to dinner tables and holiday gatherings isn’t mistakable. And the grill or crockpot aren’t the only ways to turn this slab of meat into a juicy beef paradise, as the oven method offers interesting perks such as;

Tender Results- The oven is the best place to cook arm roast, as you get extremely tender meat with superior juiciness from the braising.

Larger Serving- You can prepare any size or thickness of arm roast in the oven, thanks to its larger space and high-temperature cooking technology.

Versatile Flavoring- Oven-roasted arm roast works with an extensive list of ingredients and accepts numerous seasoning options. Plus, its tenderness makes it a welcome addition to numerous dishes and menus.

Prepping the Arm Roast

Ensure to start the meat at room temperature, meaning you should set it on the counter about 30 minutes before seasoning. Arm roast needs to develop a crusty surface, and this may be hard to accomplish if the meat is still chilled when cooked. Also, pat any moisture off the surface with paper towels.

The arm roast may come with a decent layer of fat, which some may not mind. But note that the fatty layer adds moisture to the meat and may render it softer than expected. So, if you wish, trim any excess fat from the arm roast until the desired level is reached.

Seasoning the Arm Roast

Arm roast welcomes numerous seasoning ideas and can be flavored with paprika, black pepper, cayenne, cumin, onion powder, chili powder, or garlic powder. Another handy hack for seasoning arm roast is to use your favorite BBQ spice rub. And when you do, don’t hold back on how much spice you use, as the meat is rather large and thick. But remember that the oven method requires the meat to braise, so add some beef stock or broth to the list.

Searing the Arm Roast

This step is important if you desire a crispy crust on your arm roast recipe. So, place a pot on medium-high heat, add some oil, and sear the arm roast on all sides till they develop a deep brown crust. To reduce cleanup, you can do this in the same container you’ll be braising the meat in, like a Dutch oven.

Cooking Time and Temperature for Arm Roast

Once the arm roast is seared, add the other ingredients to the meat and roast it. You can also add more seasoning if you like, then cover, and braise it for three hours. Remember to baste the meat every 30 minutes with the broth as it cooks. The arm roast should be done when it’s fork-tender or reading an internal temperature of 145F.

If you’re making a recipe with vegetables, add them to the pot before braising the meat. And you can use whatever options you prefer, from potatoes to carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, celery sticks, and onions.

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How to Cook an Arm Roast in the Oven(1)

Oven-Cooked Arm Roast (4 to 6 Servings)

  • Author: Bobby


  • One arm roast; three to four pounds, trimmed
  • One cup of beef stock
  • One cup of canned crushed tomatoes
  • Three tablespoons of olive oil, extra virgin
  • Six whole carrots, sliced
  • Four sprigs of fresh thyme
  • Four sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • Two bay leaves
  • Two celery ribs, sliced
  • Two garlic cloves, chopped
  • One yellow onion, chopped
  • Black pepper, freshly ground
  • Kosher salt


  1. Prep the oven to 350F, and place the arm roast on a lined baking pan. Season generously on all sides with pepper and salt, then set aside.
  2. Heat the oil in a Dutch oven over a medium-high stove, and sear the arm roast until it develops a deep crust on all sides.
  3. Add the beef stock and tomatoes to the Dutch oven, then spread the herbs and chopped aromatics around the meat. Adjust the seasoning as desired and cover the Dutch oven.
  4. Place the Dutch oven in the oven and braise for three hours, basting the meat every 30 minutes with the pot liquid. Cook until the meat hits 145F or reaches a fork-tender texture.
  5. Serve the pot roast as desired and with the cooked vegetables.

You can also watch this video for more assistance.