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How to Use Black and Decker Rice Cooker

Rice is a common dish in many parts of the world and is simple to cook. It can be a stand-alone meal or a side dish to your favorite foods. With numerous preparation methods to select from, rice cookers are especially useful when creating rice-based recipes, and the Black and Decker rice cooker is a terrific model to try.

In this article, we’ll be showing you the best way to use a Black and Decker rice cooker, as well as ways to maximize its features and functions for the best cooking experience ever. As such, you’ll need to pay attention to all the instructions, suggestions, recommendations, and tips outlined in this article. This will help you get the best results with your cooking.

Tips for Using Black and Decker Rice Cooker

Take note of the following tips when using a Black and Decker rice cooker:

The correct water to rice ratio – 1 cup of dry rice plus 2 cups of water typically equals approximately 2 cups of cooked rice with Black and Decker rice cooker models.

It is pertinent that you use the measuring cup that comes with the package, as these cups only measure ¾ of a cup compared to a conventional measuring cup.

Cooking rice in the rice cooker – Ideally, you should follow the steps outlined below when cooking rice in a Black and Decker rice cooker:

  • Measure and pour the needed amount of water into the dried rice in the non-stick bowl. It’s good to rinse your rice before cooking it in the rice cooker for optimal results.
  • Select the appropriate cook setting on your Black and Decker rice cooker, then hit the cook button. It will take anything from 20 to 40 minutes, based on the quantity of rice you plan to get cooked.
  • When the rice is done, the cooker will automatically turn off and switch to a warm setting. This ensures both safety and a perfect serving temperature for the cooked rice.

Typical challenges and how to deal with/avoid them – Take note of the following troubleshooting tips when cooking with a Black and Decker rice cooker:

  • To avoid scratching or damaging the inside of your rice cooker, use the serving spoon that comes with it.
  • The lid of a Black and Decker rice cooker has a steam vent, and you may need to lift the lid gently during the cooking process to expel any extra steam.
  • If water bubbles emerge during cooking, you can mix the dish or add some oil or butter to keep them from bubbling.
  • Lift the cover only when necessary during the cooking procedure. Cooking time is typically lengthened by releasing the steam used in the cooking process.
  • If your rice is adhering to the bottom of the rice cooker, adding a tiny quantity of water, oil, or butter and thoroughly mixing it before cooking will assist in preventing this
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Other functions to use your Black and Decker rice cooker for – This may come as quite a surprise, but a Black and Decker rice cooker can be used for other functions than cooking rice. Some of such functions have been described below:

Steaming: The Black and Decker rice cooker comes with an attached steam basket, and this feature makes steaming fish, veggies, dim sum, and other recipes a breeze. To use the steam basket, take note of the following:

  • At least 3 to 4 inches of water should be in the rice cooker. Make sure the water does not come in contact with the steaming basket.
  • Afterward, cover the rice cooker’s lid and cook according to the instructions that come with the size of the rice cooker you’re using.
  • Alternatively, you could also use the steam function for your rice while cooking.

Using the Black and Decker rice cooker to steam veggies is always a good idea, and not just as a side dish. The steamed veggies can be served as a complete meal with soy sauce or a blend of freshly squeezed lemon juice, cold squeezed olive oil, and saffron. Green beans, broccoli, peas, carrots, and various other vegetables can be prepared in this way.

Note that if you are steaming broccoli or cauliflower florets, you need to slice them up before steaming them in the Black and Decker rice cooker to save time (the same goes for steaming carrots).

The ideal method for steaming vegetables using this rice cooker is described below:

  • In the rice cooker pan, pour in ⅓ cup of water.
  • On the steaming rack, arrange your sliced vegetables. Let the veggies steam properly while preparing your fork for a delicious meal.

Here’s a helpful hint: After steaming your vegetables, immediately place them in an ice bath to make them crisp and tasty.

Slow cooking: If you want, you may also use the Black and Decker rice cooker to make slow cooker dishes like stews, casseroles, soups, and oatmeals; the possibilities are endless.

Timing – Cooking white rice in a Black and Decker rice cooker takes 20 to 30 minutes. With the option to keep your food warm, you may also choose to prepare the rice well ahead of time before your guests come and focus on other dishes.

How to clean your rice cooker – Because the bowl inserted in Black and Decker rice cookers is made from aluminum with a non-stick coating, cleaning this rice cooker is typically easy. Various parts of the Black and Decker rice cooker may also be dishwasher safe. Still, it is important that you first read the manufacturer’s instructions for more information to guide you through the ideal cleaning process.


With the Black and Decker compact rice cooker, one thing you’ll discover is that cooking dinner will always be a breeze. All the ideal features necessary to cook the best-tasting and fluffiest rice possible are in the rice cooker’s makeup. Cooking with this rice cooker is also a great way to trap amazing flavors and nutrients inside the pot and produce delicious results.

If cooked rice and steamed vegetables are among your popular go-to meals, then the Black and Decker rice cooker will be a delightful and useful appliance to have in your kitchen.