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Substitute for Savoy Cabbage

With its uniquely crinkled deep green leaves, savoy cabbage is pretty easy to spot on the shelves of your nearby supermarket. It poses a more tender leaf when compared to its Brassicas siblings, which makes it the ideal cabbage for cooking. But it is not always in easy reach for some people in certain areas, and not to mention that it is a bit expensive compared to other cabbages.


Savoy Cabbage Nutrition Facts

Substitute for Savoy Cabbage

Well, if you have trouble getting your hands on one, I’ve made a list of safer, cheaper household cabbages that can substitute savoy cabbage with ease.

What is Savoy Cabbage

Savoy cabbage is a member of the Brassica oleracea family of plants; it is a green leafy vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. It is similar to regular Cabbages having the same round, tight round head. Still, it has wrinkled leaves with a lighter texture and sometimes darker color, and it also has a milder flavor. Savoy cabbages can be grown in winter and spring, but it is available year-round.

It is thought to originate from England and can be traced back to the 18th century; it was named after the savoy region in France.

Use of Savoy Cabbage in Recipes

The Savoy cabbage has a mild flavor when cooked, and it gives a different texture to dishes; this consistency is one of the many reasons it is sort for. It is ideal for a quick salad, or maybe you prefer cooking it, which is also delightful.

Here are some helpful dishes you can make with the help of Savoy cabbage;

Substituting Savoy Cabbage

Suppose you live in certain regions where there is no savoy cabbage at your disposal, or you don’t feel the need to pay a little bit more when you shop for cabbages. In that case, it’s normal to opt for a substitute. It is very common to use a substitute. It may be because of flavors or textures or unavailability. Here are some substitutes for Savoy Cabbage.

Napa Cabbage

Napa cabbage


If you have difficulty finding savoy cabbage, this Chinese cabbage can be a good replacement. It has been employed in dishes since the 20th century and has gradually become a worldwide crop.

The oval crop with densely packed leaves has a lime green coloring with visible white leaf veins. It has a smooth surface, unlike the wrinkled surface of the Savoy cabbage.

The Napa cabbage has a sweeter and milder flavor; this is perfect when looking for a substitute for the savoy cabbage. Although Napa cabbage does not have a tight head like the savoy cabbage. ¼ pound cooked Napa cabbage can substitute ¼ savoy cabbage

Green Cabbage

Green cabbage


Green cabbages, or cannonball cabbage, can also be an excellent substitute for Savoy cabbage. They both possess the same tight heads structure. The leaves are thicker than most cabbages, and it has a somewhat rubbery texture when raw. And although it has a peppery taste when uncooked, you can still get a sweeter taste when you cook it.

This is a suitable substitute when looking for a savoy cabbage replacement. You can easily add a mix of earthy spices to give that savoy cabbage taste and substitute the same amount of green cabbage for Savoy cabbage.

Brussels Sprouts



At first glance, you may think these are miniature cabbages. Still, the Brussels sprout is a member of the Gemmifera cultivar group of cabbages. They have small edible buds, which can sometimes be a good replacement for the Savoy cabbage. They have almost the same rubbery texture as most cabbages do.

Most people complain about the bitter taste of Brussels sprouts. Still, I’ll recommend cooking with some added sweeteners because they can have a smoky, sweet, or nutty flavor when cooked properly. You can substitute five to ten sprouts for 100g

Chinese Lettuce

Chinese lettuce


Chinese lettuce, Celtuce, or stem lettuce used to be a Chinese cabbage, but it is now grown globally. Despite its unavailability in some regions, it is better than broccoli in all aspects. It can also be an alternative for Savoy cabbage because of its mild texture. Note that it has a bit of crispiness, and it also has a sweet, nutty flavor.

You can soak in hot water, eat raw, roast, or stir fry, just like regular cabbages. If you have some laying around in your kitchen, it can be a quick go-to for replacing savoy cabbage.




Kale belongs to a group of cabbage cultivars grown for its edible leaves. Having a completely different structure, you may wonder if it is closely related to cabbages, but it is. They tend to have green and sometimes purple leaves but do not possess a tight head like the savoy cabbage.

Not only is it a good substitute for Savoy cabbages, but some can also be used as ornamentals. Kale has a strong, dry, earthy taste and a crunchy texture, unlike the mild texture of Savoy cabbages. But if you desire that milder texture, you can get them in young kale. Because of its strong flavor, it is ideal to lesser when substituting for Savoy cabbage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Savoy cabbage the same as white cabbage?

Despite the relatively similar size, savoy cabbages are not the same as white cabbages. Savoy cabbages possess a unique crinkled leave structure, and it has an earthy taste, unlike Whit cabbage which has a slightly sweeter taste.

Is lettuce a good substitute for cabbage?

Lettuce contains fewer calories than what can be found in cabbages. However, lettuce holds more water content than a cabbage, at the same time remaining crunchy for your salads, so I believe lettuces make good substitutes for cabbages.

Is Savoy cabbage good for your liver?

Savoy cabbages have a lot of health benefits. Boiled cabbage can help to soothe inflammatory digestive tract diseases. It is also good in treating the lungs, and yes, it is good for your liver.


It’s only normal to substitute items in the kitchen from time to time, and savoy cabbage isn’t an exception. It may be because of the unavailability or the pricing, or maybe you want a slightly different flavor in your food. Whatever the reason for substituting is, this article will significantly assist you. Stay healthy.