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Substituting Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious is an apple cultivar in the United States, and it is one of the top 15 cultivars. Golden Delicious apples‘ sweet, rich flavor is well-known and popular in recipes.

Since these apples are chosen while still green, a normal store Golden Delicious may not live up to the variety’s full potential. A completely ripe Golden Delicious harvested straight from the tree on the farm, on the other hand, is a delight.

The enormous golden apples were a novelty, and everyone who tried them was impressed. From their fascinating origins to where they grow, you will find everything you need to know about Golden Delicious apples right here.

Read on as you learn more about Golden Delicious, its application in recipes, and how to substitute Golden Delicious in your recipes.

Substituting Golden Delicious Apples

What Is Golden Delicious

‘Golden Delicious’ is a big cultivar with yellowish-green skin and a sweet flavor. Since it is prone to bruising and shriveling, it must be handled and stored with care.

They have a sweet, spicy flavor, similar to apple cider. Their flavor is quite close to that of a McIntosh apple. These apples have a honey-like sweetness to them and a tiny tartness without being bitter. You can detect a mellow gingerbread-like flavor in a ripe Golden Delicious apple.

In 1916, the Stark Brothers began growing and selling Golden Delicious apples. Before that, no one had ever cultivated such enormous, tasty yellow apples. The tree had to have sprouted from a seed, yet no one knows where that seedling originated.

Some studies have it that Golden Delicious was developed from a stray seedling, which is likely a crossbreed between ‘Grimes Golden’ and ‘Golden Reinette.’ Golden Delicious is slightly larger than Grimes Golden and slightly sweeter than Golden Reinette.

The original tree, known as Mullin’s Yellow Seedling and Annie apple, was discovered on the Mullins’ family property in Clay County, West Virginia. You should note that this fruit has nothing to do with ‘Red Delicious.’

Golden Delicious Used in Recipes

Golden Delicious apples provide the acidity and consistency needed for baking. Crisps, crumbles, tarts, cakes, galettes, and bread can all be made using them. The apple slices can also be blended into sauces and soups or boiled down into preserves and butter.

Golden Delicious Substitutes

We can make broad generalizations about apples, like apples are generally delightful. Well, Golden Delicious is one of a kind, so generalizations are less useful when looking for the best substitute for Golden Delicious in your recipes.

You’ll need a certain type of apple for a specific purpose in your recipes. The finest substitutes for Golden Delicious when cooking have been listed here:





buyonamazonJonagolds are apples tart with a honeyed sweetness that holds up well in the oven. They don’t store well, so use them when they’re fresh in the fall.

You can try out a recipe like braised and brûléed apples with ice cream to give them the attention they deserve, and the sweetness would not be concealed.

Jonagold apples are ideal for sauces, jams, and preserves. You will find that their sweet-tart flavor will also go well with savory dishes.

You can serve and enjoy sautéed slices alongside pork or root vegetables in a salad or mix them with powerful cheeses on a sandwich, pizza, or cheese board.




Honeycrisp will do well as another substitute for Golden Delicious.

Whether in apple dumplings or an elegant Tarte tatin, its shatteringly crunchy texture is guaranteed to keep firm. Moreover, if you just ate them plain without using them in your cooking recipes, I wouldn’t blame you – it is that good.

This classic Midwestern apple is one of the finest and sweetest apples around; it is great for everything, including baking. Notably, it has a particular juicy crispness and is firm enough not to overcook. It also goes well with almost any other apple variety to produce a fantastic pie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Yellow Delicious apples and Golden Delicious apples?

Yellow Delicious is the same apple as Golden Delicious. These yellow-gold apples, which have a mild, sweet flavor, can be found under these names, but they are the same apple.

Is a Golden Delicious apple the same as an opal apple?

Opal is a modern kind of apple with a nice, well-balanced flavor developed in the Czech Republic from Golden Delicious. Its other parent is Topaz, a well-known variety bred in the Czech Republic that gives a more acidic flavor to Golden Delicious’ sweet crispness.

What makes Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples different?

A Red Delicious has pale yellow flesh that is crisp and delicious. It has a low acid content by nature. The Golden Delicious apple is a sweeter and milder flavor than the Red Delicious. This apple’s flesh is crisp and lightly golden, and it’s fairly juicy.


Golden Delicious was accidentally discovered on a family farm and has become one of the most popular types available. This variety is also the parent of approximately 30 other well-known cultivars.

These apples are a huge favorite in recipes from apple pie to apple juice.

If you don’t have any Golden Delicious apples on hand, you can use another sweet and firm-fleshed apple in your recipes instead. Though, no other kind of apple comes close to matching the peppery sweetness of a ripe Golden Delicious.