What Can You Substitute For Eggs?

Eggs are hands down very delicious. Even without trying, they would effortlessly turn any recipe into something heavenly. Whether you are boiling them, frying them, or simply adding them to your dough, eggs would give you a burst of complexity that may be hard to replicate.

Although they tend to have a bland flavor, some people still consider them quite overpowering; other reasons for leaving out eggs in your diet may be because of dietary restrictions. So if you are vegan or you simply don’t like the smell of eggs, getting a substitute wouldn’t be such a bad idea; you still get to enjoy your meal without the guilt.

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Okay, maybe you like eggs, but you are stuck on a recipe that calls for eggs; you reach for your egg crate but can’t find any, don’t feel too bad because you can still use these substitutes in any recipe that calls for eggs.

What Can You Substitute For Eggs

Eggs Nutrition Facts

What Can You Substitute For Eggs

What are Eggs?

The dictionary’s definition of an egg is an oval or round-shaped object laid by a female bird, fish, reptile, or amphibian. This round object usually carries a developing embryo in it, and the outer layer (or shell) could either be chalky or leathery.

There are different types of eggs, but for this article, I would only be referring to chicken egg since it is the most used egg in cooking. Well, chicken eggs are gotten from chickens, and they are a good source of protein and fat. The yolk, which makes up one-third of the entire egg, is more nutritious because it is packed with lipids, carotenoid pigments, and minerals.

The exact time humans started consuming chicken eggs is unknown, but it is believed to have started not too long after chickens were domesticated about 7000 – 8000 years ago.

Uses of Eggs in Recipes

Eggs are mainly incorporated into different recipes because it has plenty of health benefits, but aside from the health benefits, eggs have other functions like enhancing the flavor and color of custard and cakes stabilizing emulsions; it is even used for coating in croquette recipes. The protein in eggs is frequently used as a binding agent in most baking recipes. It is safe to say egg functions like a glue holding everything together.

As for the flavor of eggs, it doesn’t have a dominant flavor; some say it is bland. However, it brings out other flavors.

Below are some dishes that have eggs in them.

  • Pimento cheese deviled eggs
  • Roasted potatoes and red pepper hash
  • Cheesy frittata with spring greens and shallots
  • Croque madames
  • Deviled eggs pasta salad
  • Deep-dish bacon and lee quiche
  • Crepes with strawberries and lemon curd
  • Roasted mushroom and bacon dutch baby
  • Old fashioned eggnog
  • Loaded breakfast sandwiches with fennel herb sausage patties
  • Parmesan egg-in-a-hole
  • Crustless ham and leek quiche
  • Scrambled eggs with chives
  • Swirled meringues with blueberry sauce
  • Grab and go spinach and ham egg bakes

Substituting Eggs in Recipes 

Eggs are delicious and versatile; you would hardly see a baking recipe that doesn’t call for eggs. However, many people completely avoid eggs in their diets because of one reason or the other; some of these reasons can be dietary restrictions or allergies, while some people just don’t like the smell or taste of eggs.

If you fall into any of these categories, but you still want perfect cakes each time you bake, you should consider getting a substitute for eggs.

Below are some popular substitutes for eggs that will always give you excellent results.



The first and most common egg replacement is applesauce. Apple sauce can replace eggs in baking recipes like cakes or cookies.

Applesauce is pretty inexpensive, and you can easily get it in any nearby grocery store.

Extra flavors like cinnamon or nutmeg are added to some. In contrast, others are sweetened with added sugars, so the best ones to get are the unsweetened or unflavored varieties because they wouldn’t affect the flavor of your baked goods.

To substitute applesauce for eggs, use 1/4 cup applesauce (65grams) wherever the recipe calls for one raw egg.

Mashed Bananas 

Mashed Bananas

Bananas are sweet; we can all agree on this; they have a wonderful flavor profile that would surely elevate the flavor of your regular brownies; they are also excellent in chocolate cakes and cookies.

When getting a banana for this project, you should get a ripe banana because they are easier to mash, and you would get a sweeter flavor. Simple cut one banana in half, mash the cut banana, and this would be an equal replacement for one egg.



If you don’t eat dairy, or if you are vegan, then you might want to avoid this one.

Still here? I’ll assume you eat dairy then.

Do you know you can easily swap in yogurt for eggs in baking recipes? You just have to know that different yogurt have different fat contents, and the best yogurts for this project are high in fat. Like applesauce, you should get an unsweetened yogurt because this wouldn’t affect the taste or smell of the final product.

When substituting, use 1/4 cup of yogurt to replace 1 egg.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Can I Use Flaxseeds In Place Of Eggs?

Absolutely! Flaxseeds work well in any recipe that calls for eggs. If you already bought flaxseed earlier, you can toss them in a high-speed blender blend until they have a smooth consistency. To 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, add 3 tablespoons of water, allow to sit for 10 minutes; you should get something similar to egg that works well in every baking recipe.

Is There An Already Made Egg Replacement For Vegans That I Can Get From The Store?

“Just eggs,” “Ener-G,” Namaste Foods,” and “Bob’s red mill” are popular brands that make egg substitutes for vegans in particular. These egg replacements are very similar to the real thing, but they are entirely plant-based.

Is It Safe To Eat Eggs Every Day?

The recommended number of eggs per day is three. Healthy people can consume up to three eggs every day, and this is perfectly safe.


Eggs are just wonderful irrespective of whatever you use them for. It is no doubt a kitchen staple, and people tend to stick up on eggs all the time, so running out of them may be unlikely. Unlikely not impossible, if you accidentally run out of eggs, there are some alternatives you can use; most of them are vegan friendly.