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Cuban Bread

Cuban Bread Substitute

Bread, a timeless food staple enjoyed from generation to generation. It is a meal that has been enjoyed alongside several different dishes, sauces, and soups due to its filling nature. Cuban Bread is one of those Bread that combines these attributes very well—incorporating it into several different dishes effortlessly for that great taste and filling effect.

Cuban Bread

Although Bread is a common food for people across the world, it could be a daunting task sometimes to get Cuban Bread, which is why people seek a substitute. For example, it might interest you to know that it isn’t that difficult to find a substitute. There are several substitutes for Cuban Bread that can be used in several dishes, even those that Cuban Bread fits into. Substitutes such as baguette, focaccia are a good replacement you should be aware of. These replacements could be well fitted for certain or all kinds of dishes, which you will get to know.

Best Cuban Bread

What is Cuban Bread?

As its name suggests, this bread variety hails from Latin America. It has been a staple on the table of so many Latinos for centuries. Bread all over the world comes in different flavors, sizes, shapes, and colors. While some bread is made from whole wheat or wheat flour, others are made from different flour types and other ingredients such as sugar, salt, bread flour, butter, etc.

Cuban Bread is one of those Bread that combines these kinds of the ingredients list. Historically, Cuban Bread was made to have air pockets and long shapes through a process of thin-stretching the dough, which practice has been continued largely to this day. Cuban Bread is made from a combination of ingredients such as dry yeast, all-purpose flour, salt, sugar, lard, etc. The final result when you make Cuban Bread is a softness that thrills you and a perfect flavor for any occasion.

Cuban Bread Uses in Recipes

Those who find Bread a constant part of their meal would necessarily find Cuban Bread useful in their various recipes. Cuban Bread has a soft cum airy feel internal while being thin and crunchy on the body when appropriately prepared. This makes it a good meal choice either singularly or in combinations with other dishes like soups, sauces, teas, and the likes.

The vast majority of Bread out there may not contain a heavy dose of flavor like the Cuban Bread. Some of these Bread has a shelf life that keeps them too far from the day they are made and then loses their freshness. However, one unique thing about Cuban Bread is that it has lad added to its dough, and this ingredient boosts its flavor and makes it drier quickly, which is why Cuban Bread is typically eaten fresh on the day it’s made.

Its impressive long shape, dense texture, and sweetness make this food one that is useful in the homes of many people and different recipes, such as:

Cuban Bread Substitute

From what we have seen thus far, Cuban Bread is a great meal choice for the home, whether you want to have it alone or with some other dishes. Nevertheless, there are times when you could be out on Cuban Bread, and getting another could prove abortive. It could also be that its taste, flavor, and form aren’t good enough for some people. These reasons could be the driving force for the need to substitute for Cuban Bread.

As you seek out a substitute for Cuban Bread, one thing that should be paramount in your mind is the texture and flavor of such an alternative. In line with this, you can go through the following suggested alternatives to the Cuban Bread and see those that fit into your meal choice. There could be little difference, perhaps in form, but you should get something that fits well as a substitute. See them below:



This is another member of the thin and long kind of Bread, just like the Cuban Bread. Originating from French cuisine, a baguette is one of those Bread that can be an excellent replacement for Cuban Bread. One thing to note is that this Bread follows through with French laws that require no addition of fat or oil to Bread, meaning that the baguette doesn’t contain fat.

The baguette is one substitute for Cuban Bread that is crisp, thin, and crusty. Baguette is famous for its sweetness which is both a surprise and slight. This makes it a good substitute in addition to various dishes or as a standalone meal. It shares a similar brownish look with the Cuban Bread on the outside.

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focaccia bread

Suppose you want something that looks different, but that can be a good replacement for Cuban Bread in your dishes. In that case, you should look at focaccia, it differs from Cuban Bread in its shape, which is flat, and it can have two flavors; sweet or savory. From France with baguettes to Italy with focaccia, the people of Liguria do have an excellent level of familiarity with this Bread. Having a crisply crusty taste and a dent on its outer layer that helps it hold oil makes this Bread a memorable meal.

As a substitute for Cuban Bread, focaccia bread should be eaten freshly made. Add it to your cheese, vegetables, soup, or sausages as the case may be and for what suits you. Focaccia is made using bread flour, olive oil, salt, herbs. To create the dent on the surface of the Bread, bakers use the tip of their fingers. There are two variants of focaccia bread, namely, focaccia dolce and rosemary focaccia. They differ in their ingredients. In all, focaccia’s refined and original taste and look make it a practicable alternative to Cuban Bread.

Anadama bread

Anadama bread

This Bread has a funny history, originating from New England in the United States of America, and a product of a fisherman’s desire to get a better meal taste. One of the things that this Bread is notable for is its distinct aroma and appearance. Its biscuit smell that flows through the nostrils from afar is due to an ingredient combination of cornmeal, yeast, wheat flour, and rye flour. The addition of molasses to it makes it very sweet as Bread. In terms of color, it is yellow internally and brownish scent on the outwardly. Anadama bread is indeed an excellent option in replacing Cuban Bread.

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Pan Sobao

Pan Sobao

This Bread is quite a popular choice in Puerto Rico, and it is believed that it is so popular that it is easily scarce even from the bakery. The question is, why? Pan sobao is made using lard as its main ingredient, sugar, yeast, bread flour, and salt.

As a replacement for Cuban Bread, pan sobao has a great taste, isn’t too fatty due to lard, and has a crunchy feeling. You can take pan sobao Bread on its own, or you can use it for your French toast, sandwiches, or cheeses.



The bolillo bread has its fame in Mexico even though it has the nickname “French bread.” Packed with a crispy exterior and a creamy interior, this Bread can conveniently be used as a substitute for Cuban Bread.

Quite similar in taste to baguette and Cuban Bread, the bolillo is made from a mix of sugar, yeast, egg white, bread flour, and salt. If you know about tortas, this Bread is mostly used in its making, and it delivers a crunchy and crisp feeling as you eat it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is French Bread similar to Cuban Bread?

Cuban Bread has some similarities with French Bread, but they differ in how they are made and the ingredients used.

Why is my Cuban Bread dense?

It could have been caused by excessive use of flour in making the Bread. You should use three ¼ cups of flour.

How do you make Cuban Bread soft?

After preparing your Cuban Bread, preserving it in a freezer to retain its softness is necessary. You can always reheat it whenever you want to eat it.


Cuban Bread is a famously delicious meal for so many homes. While that’s very true, it may not be available to everyone where they are. Therefore, for those who would like to have a go at Cuban Bread but can’t have it, our suggested substitutes would greatly help you out. You should give them a trial and find a fit for your taste. Their texture and taste make them great for your variety of dishes.