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Ranch Seasoning Substitute

Ranch seasoning is a constituent of culinary herbs like dill, parsley, etc., in their dried form. The addition of ranch seasoning in your sauce, stew, and dishes gives it a sweet, tangy, and fresh flavor.

In particular, when making salad dressing, ranch seasoning is of the essence as it brings out the desired fresh flavor and a pleasant aroma. Unfortunately, it’s not limited to ranch salad, and it also blends well with hamburgers, pasta, salad, chicken breast, roasted potatoes, broccoli, etc.


Ranch seasoning is readily available in stores, but if you prefer to make it on your own to avoid the preservatives and MSG, it’s easy and very fast to make. A mixture of dried dill weed, parsley, dry butter powder, freeze-dried chives, garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, and ground black pepper would give you your fresh ranch seasoning.

Ranch seasoning also contains saturated fat, responsible for high cholesterol levels, which isn’t good for the body. So if you’re worried about that or for other reasons, you might want to check out other alternatives for your dishes.

What is Ranch Seasoning?

Ranch seasoning is an American condiment used as a supplement for salad dressings and other dishes. Sometimes when the children won’t make a meal or eat anything, ranch seasoning would spice it up. Before you know it, they will gobble everything up. It has a lot of ingredients in it, and it is very easy to make as well.

Ranch dressing was first used in Alaska by Steve Henson. He cooked for his co-workers and guests whenever they came to his ranch. Because it was so delicious compared to what they were used to, it became so popular that they began making it and selling it. It spread like wildfire and gained prominence in America and beyond.

Ranch Seasoning uses in Recipes

There are no limits to the usage of ranch seasoning in recipes. The options are endless. Its herbaceous and creamy flavor makes it suitable for veggies, fries, pasta sauce, and so much more. Other recipes that taste super delicious with ranch seasoning includes:

Ranch Seasoning Substitutes

It is no secret that ranch seasoning contains MSG and other preservatives, and it is also rich in fat, calories, and cholesterol. So if you’re trying to avoid all these or you want to try out other replacements, this is for you.

Also, suppose you’ve been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. In that case, you might want to abstain from ranch seasoning because, as stated earlier, the presence of saturated fat could raise the cholesterol level, which does more harm to the circulatory system, especially when used in excess.

That shouldn’t deny you from enjoying the delicious taste and creamy flavor, though, as there are other substitutes you could use instead, some of which are;

Green Herb Hummus 

Green Herb Hummus 

Green Hummus is preferred in particular because of its herbal health benefits. Contrary to ranch seasoning, it lowers cholesterol levels and improves the circulatory system. You can also make it tastier by adding fresh parsley leaves, chickpeas, fresh dill, and honey, and this would make it flavorful and super sumptuous.

It also contains garlic to add to the bite and spiciness, not forgetting the important nutrients, such as protein and fiber, vitamins, potassium, and magnesium. Green Hummus is multipurpose – fantastic taste and important nutrients, which is why it is a worthy substitute for ranch seasoning.

Olive Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil and Vinegar

Like ranch seasoning, olive oil and vinegar contain saturated fats, but it is much lower, making them suitable. The addition of fresh herbs such ask parsley and basil is welcomed. Although this may not be used in all dishes like ranch seasoning, it tastes well on steamed vegetables or fresh greens.

Furthermore, this mixture is also potent and beneficial to people with diabetes and overall health. Also, this is relatively easy to get as it is available in stores, and some may have it at home. So next time you run out of your favorite ranch seasoning, try this out and enjoy the creamy, spicy taste.

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Lemon pepper seasoning

This is a healthy substitute for ranch seasoning, especially when homemade and not the store mixes. It contains almost the same ingredients as ranch seasoning, which includes: sugar, garlic, onion, citric acid, lemon oil, etc.

Lemon pepper seasoning is the ultimate recipe for chicken dishes, but not limited to that. It tastes great with seafood salad, meat, and fish dishes. This seasoning is available in most stores and is perfectly suitable to use in place of ranch seasoning.

Dry Thyme Seasoning

Dry Thyme Seasoning

Dried thyme seasoning is a common ingredient in Italian and French cuisines. It has a pleasant smell, is woody and earthy, and is suitable for vegetables, meat, fish, and stews. It adds flavor and dept similar to ranch seasoning to your delicacies.

Thyme also has medicinal benefits, such as fighting Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and much more. You can use it in the same quantity as you would of ranch seasoning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ranch seasoning made of?

Ranch seasoning is made of a combination of dried herbal spices such as dill, parsley, chives, garlic powder, onion powder, onion flakes, etc. A combination of all these gives it a delicious flavor and pleasant aroma.

Can I use liquid ranch instead of ranch seasoning?

The liquid ranch has a bit of seasoning flavor in it, and in some instances, it can be used as a substitute. However, the liquid component means it will water down the flavor and change the texture of your recipe.

There is a possibility that the liquid might dilute and change the taste as well, so you have to consider the balancing when you’re replacing liquid ranch with powdered seasoning.


Ranch seasoning gets its flavor from the mixture of herbal spices, and it is suitable for so many recipes and delicacies. On the flip side, it contains some elements that might not be medically favorable for some people, so it is pertinent to consider some substitutes.