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Pepto Bismol Substitutes

When you have heartburn or acid indigestion, you need something to settle your stomach quickly, especially if you are prone to GI distress. It’s a good idea to keep an over-the-counter antacid on hand for quick relief. These drugs can reduce the amount of stomach acid you produce. The stomach normally produces hydrochloric acid to …

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Duck Sauce Substitute

Have you ever ordered takeout and then dipped everything in duck sauce? You’re not by yourself. Some claim that this mouthwateringly sweet and sour umami condiment is addictive. But one thing is certain: duck sauce is essential to the ultimate takeout experience. Store-bought versions aren’t nearly as satisfying as the small packets that come with …

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No Salt Substitute Dangers

The no salt substitute has sparked controversy among doctors and health advocates, but many consumers don’t realize its risks. Researchers point out that black adults are twice as likely to develop high blood pressure by age 55 than white adults. But no salt substitute dangers may be more than a myth. There’s scientific evidence to …

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