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Chile De Arbor Substitute

Do you know the Chile de Arbol is a 3 inches long hot slender chili? This bright red Chile de Arbol is known as tree chili in the Spanish language. The Chile de Arbol has some other names, such as bird’s beak chile. Some Mexican chefs call the Chile de Arbol as rat’s tail chile as well. The heat index of the hot chili is more than 15000 Scoville units. The Chile de Arbol is generally used in the form of powder or dried chili. Its red color brings an amazing look to the dishes.


What is Chile de Arbol?

Chile de Arbol is a pretty popular ingredient of Mexican cuisine. These red chilies have the potential to make you cry while eating. These exceptionally hot chilies are used in spicy sauces worldwide. Almost all the Mexican salsa dishes feature this Chile de Arbol. In European cuisine and Asian cuisine, there is a wide range of use of the Chile de Arbol.

Chile de Arbol is mainly grown in different parts of Mexico. Mexico exports the Chile de Arbol in different parts of the world. In Mexican cuisine, the chefs add the Chile de Arbol powder to almost all the dishes.

At first, the Chile de Arbol remains in green condition. But, later, the Chile de Arbol will turn red as it ripens over time. The dried Chile de Arbol is deep red in color, and it is pretty rich in taste compared to the green Chile de Arbol. The dried Chile de Arbol is used sometimes for chile wreaths.

If you place an order for the Chile de Arbol, you can keep them in your kitchen for at least a year if you properly wrap them with cellophane bags. We are warning you that it can be a painful experience eating the fresh, fiery Chile de Arbol with your own hand.

Best recipes that include Chile de Arbol

Mostly the curry recipes of Mexico include this fiery Chile de Arbol. You need plenty of spice and liquid to suppress the heat of the Chile de Arbol. You can add a pinch of Chile de Arbol powder to soups, stews, curry-based dishes, etc.

Sometimes, those who love to eat tacos sprinkle a bit of Chile de Arbol powder on top of it with the spices. You can use the Chile de Arbol to marinate various meats like chicken, pork, beef, etc. Sometimes, chefs add the Chile de Arbol to seafood as well.

Let’s know about the dishes which you can make with Chile de Arbol.

Chicken curry

This spicy chicken curry features this Chile de Arbol with other spices. The other spices are cardamom, pepper, cumin, ginger, etc. To suppress the heat of the Chile de Arbol, chefs add some coconut milk and tomatoes to the recipe.

Fish with cold walnut sauce

The recipe includes ingredients like walnuts, onions, cheese, etc. The star of the dish is some freshly caught fish. It is properly roasted with the fiery Chile de Arbol.

Chilli and peanut salsa

This peanut salsa uses no oil at all. There are only Chile de Arbol and Guajillo chillies in this salsa recipe.

Grilled fish with Chile de Arbol

The grilled fish tastes good with the Chile de Arbol.

Chile de Arbol substitutes

If you are living outside Mexico, it is not always possible to get Chile de Arbol near your hand while cooking. So, you will have to use different types of hot chilies in your dishes as a substitute for the Chile de Arbol.

Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper powder is readily available in all grocery stores and online stores. Just like Chile de Arbol, the Cayenne pepper is pretty hot and fiery. This Cayenne pepper looks as red as Chile de Arbol. The home cooks can add this cayenne pepper powder to their daily dishes if they want.




This hot pepper is much less spicy than the Chile de Arbol. It features a thick outer body. The jalapenos have a slight touch of red only. You can place an order for Jalapenos online. Unlike Chile de Arbol, you can apply the jalapenos everywhere. Both young and adults can tolerate the heat of the Jalapenos.




Paprika is mildly hot and features the exact same flavor as the Chile de Arbol. The Paprika can be a good substitution for the Chile de Arbol. It is generally used in powdered form. Unlike Chile de Arbol, the Paprika will provide you with a smoky flavor.

Sweet bell peppers

Sweet bell peppers



Those who are looking for Chile de Arbol without its fiery heat should choose sweet bell peppers. These fresh bell peppers are large and thick in size. The texture of sweet bell pepper is a little different from that of the Chile de Arbol. However, these bell peppers will give you the exact same taste and flavor as the Chile de Arbol. So, you can use the sweet bell peppers instead of that Mexican hot chili.

Thai chilies

Thai chilies


Thai Chilies are quite hot and will provide your food with a great taste. These Thai chilies are found in Asian countries. These are more easily accessible than the Chile de Arbol. You will find Thai Chilies at any grocery store.

Red pepper flakes

Red pepper flakesbuyonamazon

Believe it or not, these red pepper flakes are hotter than the Chile de Arbol. Only half a teaspoon of red pepper flake will provide equal hotness of a whole Chile de Arbol. If you are seeking some fiery hot flavors, you should definitely use the red pepper flakes in your dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What is similar to Chile de Arbol?

The Paprika, chili flakes, cayenne pepper, serrano pepper, jalapenos, etc., are somewhat similar to the Chile de Arbol. Though the flavors and textures of these peppers vary a lot from the Chile de Arbol, they help the eaters experience the taste of hot chilies.

 Is Chile de Arbol spicy?

Yes, unquestionably, the Chile de Arbol is quite spicy. These Chile de Arboles are red in color and very small in size. But, only one Chile de Arbol will be enough for cooking the meal for the entire family. This Mexican hot chili is generally used in powder form to add spiciness and flavors to the boring dishes. These days, many hot sauces use the Chile de Arbol flakes.

 How to use the Chile de Arbol?

Chile de Arbol is generally used for the meat and fish marinade. You can add some amount of Chile de Arbol to your pasta and pizza as well. Nowadays, chefs are experimenting by applying Chile de Arbol to brownies and chocolate desserts. Crushed Chili de Arbol flakes will make any dish extra savory.


Chile de Arbol will make your food extra hot and delicious. These days, home cooks are using the Chile de Arbol in their daily foods as well. We suggest the home cooks wear gloves on their hands before touching the Chile de Arbol. You must not touch your eyes after using this fiery hot chili. You can use the aforementioned Chile de Arbol substitutes for your dishes as well. Let us know in the comment if you like these Chile de Arbol substitutes.