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Substitute for Basil Leaf

The culinary world wouldn’t be the same without basil leaves, and this ingredient has been a staple in Mediterranean cuisines. They come in different varieties, whether sweet or savory, and add a variety of flavors from peppery to sweet in recipes. This mint herb is popular in pesto recipes and can be used either dry …

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Substitute for Corn Syrup in Icing

Corn syrup is a versatile element in the kitchen, especially a baker’s. This ingredient belongs to a group of sugars known as “invert” sugars, which do not crystallize but remain liquid. Moreover, corn syrup also prevents the crystallization of other sugars, which is why it’s commonly used in confectionery and icing. Another reason it’s occasionally …

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Spring Onion Substitute

Whether you are a professional chef, a home chef, or a food enthusiast, you probably know that an onion is an essential ingredient in the kitchen, and spring onion is no exception. This native North American onion can be found in different cuisines worldwide (irrespective of the country). Spring onion delivers that much-needed freshness with …

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