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Irish Burgers Recipe

Irish Burgers

This St. Patrick’s day if you are looking for something delicious to prepare to give these Irish burgers a try. These burgers are served on English muffins and are topped with cheddar (or Irish cheddar if you can find it), and crispy bacon. The burger patties get a lot of flavor from ingredients such as …

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Irish Beef Stew Recipe

With Saint Patrick’s Day only a few days away, it’s time for Irish beef stew. Irish stew originated in Ireland and is popular across Europe. Like most other stews, this stew consists of a variety of diced vegetables and meat simmered in a thick sauce. The sauce gets a lot of its flavor from Irish …

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What Does Drambuie Taste Like?

If you wonder what Drambuie tastes like, read on to find out. This Scottish whiskey is a blend of several Scotch whiskies, including whisky from the Highlands. The particular recipe also contains cloves, saffron, and Scottish heather honey. The result is a rich, amber-colored spirit with baking spices, honey, cardamom, and vanilla notes. Its velvety …

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What Alcohol is Vegan?

Many drinks are made with alcohol, and you may be wondering what alcohol is vegan. This article will find recipes for distilled spirits, liqueurs, beer, and wines. Also, you’ll learn how to make cocktail recipes using vegan ingredients. Vegan alcohol is available at almost every store that sells beer, wine, or liquor. People assume that …

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What Does Baileys Taste Like?

If you’ve never had Baileys before, you may be curious about the flavor profile of the liquor. Given that it is Irish cream, you are undoubtedly curious about the beverage’s flavor. Baileys has a sugary taste, a milky consistency, and a vanilla flavor. It has a relatively low alcohol content, clocking in at approximately 17 …

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