Asian Pork Meatballs Recipe

Asian Pork Meatballs
Meatballs are great when paired with Asian ingredients. These Asian pork meatballs make a delicious dinner. The meatballs use ingredients such as soy sauce, ginger, and hoisin sauce to get a lot of flavor. The meatballs are s served with stir-fry rice noodles and are mixed with a sauce. The sauce is a combination of classic Asian ingredients, most of which you can find in the Asian section of your grocery store. There is no frying involved in this recipe, the meatballs are baked in the oven and then served over the noodles in the sauce. I like to serve this recipe with egg rolls. Enjoy.

TGI Friday's Bruschetta Chicken Pasta

TGI Friday’s Bruschetta Chicken Pasta Recipe

Here is a copycat recipe for the bruschetta chicken pasta from TGI Friday’s restaurant. If you are not familiar with this dish, it is grilled chicken on top of angel hair pasta that is... [more]

Skillet Breakfast Nachos

Skillet Breakfast Nachos Recipe

Here is a very simple way to prepare breakfast nachos. These nachos are loaded with scrambles eggs, bacon and cheese. The ingredients are prepared individually and then layered in a skillet and placed into... [more]

Fried Chicken Sliders

Fried Chicken Sliders Recipe

If you are looking to take your sliders to the next level, these fried chicken sliders are perfect for you. These sliders consist of buttermilk fried chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and country gravy on... [more]

Jalapeno Wing Sauce

Jalapeno Chicken Wing Sauce Recipe

Here is another delicious recipe for bone-in or boneless chicken wings, jalapeno wing sauce. This wing sauce has a unique flavor from the jalapeno pepper sauce. I like to prepare this sauce to go... [more]

Chili's Queso

Chili’s Queso Recipe

If you enjoy the queso dip from Chili’s restaurant this copycat recipe is perfect for you. Chili’s queso dip can easily be prepared right in the slow cooker. This is a great recipe for... [more]