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Speed Keto Meal Plan

Every day, we come across various claims that a ketogenic diet is best for weight loss and system detoxification. And while this statement holds water in most situations, many have begun to take the diet plan to another level. So if you’re someone who seeks a faster and more efficient way to achieve these feats, then you may require a speed keto diet. And here, we’ll explore more about the meal plan and offer you a handy schedule you can follow.

Speed Keto Meal Plan


The speed keto diet plan is a one-meal-a-day (OMAD) program, meaning you’re permitted to only one meal for each day and for as long as you plan. This meal plan is slated for seven days but can be adjusted for 28 days. And it concentrates on eating more healthy fats while adding as little carb as possible to the daily menu.

The program drives at pushing the body to a state of ketosis, meaning your body reaches a stage where it depends solely on the fat deposits as its energy source. This leads to the exhaustion of excess carbs in the system and reduction of body fat to give an athletic build. The plan also adds a period of intermittent fasting, meaning the rest of the day is spent abstaining from food until the next meal comes. And it’s best applied for short-term weight loss needs, providing a quicker way to shed pounds and control daily food portions.

While the speed keto meal plan is an essential weight loss regimen, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional dietician before commencing. This way, you can be counseled on the best ways to apply the offered eating schedule, and a suited daily calorie value will be prepared for your specific needs. Your dietician will also recommend the appropriate supplements to take along with each meal, depending on your physical state.

This speed keto diet plan applies to a 16:8 fasting hour period. This means you fast for 16 hours while consuming all recommended daily foods during the eight–hour window. Other extreme options include the 18:6 and 23:1 methods, meaning the higher number indicates how long you’ll fast before eating. And the longer the fasting hours, the faster your body will be put into ketosis. But it’s still highly recommended that you ask a dietician for advice before embarking on a speed keto diet plan.

Benefits of this Diet

The average person is prone to consuming lots of carbs daily due to its general availability as a food source. But excessive consumption of unhealthy carbs causes the body to store more of it, leading the serious weight gain and obesity-related health complications. So, it’s no shock that many suffer from issues ranging from heart disease to high blood sugar and hypertension. But with this speed keto meal plan, the carbs are first exhausted and flushed, followed by the fat deposits in your body. Then, you’re put on a state of ketosis, meaning your body system is now adapted to depend on fat sources as its energy base.

This speed keto meal plan is a powerful tool for tackling obesity as it encourages weekly weight loss and helps you lose up to five pounds every week. Its periods of intermittent fasting also allow you to control how much you eat while you push your body weight to reduction. The meal plan also features healthy proteins and fats with carb foods composed mostly of whole foods and fiber. This way, you feel fuller during the fasting period and depend on the controlled food portions without craving more items.

Other benefits you may gain from this speed keto program include reducing inflammation and cholesterol control. As the latter is the main problem with obese people, the meal plan becomes an idea for keeping such in check. Of course, this comes as a side benefit of its super weight loss advantage, but it’s worth counting.

You can adapt this speed keto diet plan for paleo diets, as the foods featured are whole and unprocessed. It’s also adaptable for vegan diets once the animal proteins and fats are swapped with more plant-based foods like legumes and oils. You can also adjust it for Mediterranean diets by increasing such foods while keeping the calorific count in check.

Meal Plan

Speed Keto Meal Plan

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Day 1

Day 2

  • Spicy keto salmon patties with keto crack slaw

Spicy keto salmon patties with keto crack slaw

Day 3

  • Grass-fed ribeye steak with cauliflower mac and cheese

Day 4

Day 5

Keto meatballs with creamed spinach

Day 6

  • Instant pot carnitas with loaded keto coleslaw

Day 7

  • Creamy, garlicky chicken with pan-fried zucchini cakes

Extra Tips

  • Avoid ingredients with extra sugars and starchy fillers.
  • Avoid all potatoes and related products, including chips
  • No sweetened beverages are permitted during this diet
  • Also, avoid fruits high in sugar, like bananas and pineapples.
  • Cut off all grains from your diet, including oats, rice, and barley.
  • All flours are considered grain products and should also be avoided.
  • Legumes like beans, lentils, and peas are off the menu, but you can still include snow peas in your meal plan.
  • Drinking zero-calorie beverages during your fasting period is allowed and helps you get enough salt in your system.
  • Because the shopping list contains many perishables, consider buying as much as you can consume within their viability period.
  • Baked foods are allowed, so long as they’re made purely with keto-friendly foods. If you must bake, consider almond or coconut flour.

Shopping List

Meat, Fish, and Seafood

Vegetables and Fruits


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Nuts, Fats, and Oils



If you seek a quicker way to attain ketosis, then a speed keto diet plan might be just what you need. It’s planned to help reduce body fat faster by getting the system to use it as an energy source. And it’s an impressive way to develop healthy eating habits, cut down blood cholesterol, control blood sugar and reduce inflammation caused by obesity. So, the next time you have such a need, this meal plan might be the best thing.