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No Salt Substitute Dangers

The no salt substitute has sparked controversy among doctors and health advocates, but many consumers don’t realize its risks. Researchers point out that black adults are twice as likely to develop high blood pressure by age 55 than white adults. But no salt substitute dangers may be more than a myth. There’s scientific evidence to …

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How To Cook Cubed Sweet Potatoes (2)

How to Cook Cubed Sweet Potatoes

Healthy and super delicious, sweet potatoes can be prepared in various methods, from oven roasting to cooking in a crock-pot and even air-frying. Sweet potatoes can be eaten alone or also served as an excellent side dish to go with some yummy breakfast. A healthy and simple way of cooking sweet potatoes is by boiling …

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How To Cook Beets For Salad

How to Cook Beets for Salad

Beets may not be the tastiest veggie out there, but despite the earthy and dusty taste, they are packed full of nutrients that our body requires. Beets are sometimes used as natural food coloring because of the presence of the phytonutrients called betalains in them. The health benefits of beets go on and on, but …

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