Denver Omelet

Denver Omelet Recipe

The Denver omelet is perfect to prepare for breakfast. This omelet consists of cooked ham, green pepper, onion and cheese. There is some debate about if a Denver Omelet has cheese in it but... [more]

Steak and Egg Wraps

Steak and Egg Wraps Recipe

These steak and egg wraps are very simple but yet delicious. This recipe consists of sliced steak, scrambled eggs, gruyere cheese, and caramelized onions rolled up in a sun-dried tomato tortilla. There is a... [more]

Taco Lasagna Roll Ups

Taco Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe

Classic Italian lasagna roll ups are great but when you add Mexican ingredients they are even better. This recipe consists of lasagna noodles that are topped with taco meat, cottage cheese and parmesan cheese... [more]

Popeyes Fried Chicken Po' Boy

Popeyes Fried Chicken Po’ Boy Recipe

If you are looking for a copycat recipe for the fried chicken po’ boy from Popeyes restaurant, you have come to the right place. This sandwich consists of spicy fried chicken tenders, lettuce, pickle... [more]

Frito Taco Casserole

Frito Taco Casserole Recipe

This frito taco casserole is great to make for dinner. This casserole is loaded with a taco meat mixture that combines seasoned ground beef, refried beans, rice and much more. The mixture is prepared... [more]

Guacamole Chicken Burgers

Guacamole Chicken Burgers Recipe

Guacamole chicken burgers go great on the grill or in a frying pan. The chicken burgers have sort of a taco flavor to them, are topped with cheddar cheese, cilantro and guacamole. A lot... [more]