pork fried wontons

Pork Fried Wontons Recipe

One of my favorite appetizers to eat at Chinese restaurants is the pork fried wontons. These wontons are packed full of flavor because of ingredients such as soy sauce and sesame oil. The process... [more]

Italian Sausage Casserole

Italian Sausage Casserole Recipe

Whenever you need something easy to prepare for dinner, a delicious casserole is the perfect option. This Italian sausage casserole combines rigatoni with marinara sauce and sliced Italian sausage to make a great tasting... [more]

white chicken enchilada bake

White Chicken Enchilada Bake Recipe

This white chicken enchilada bake is a delicious casserole that can be easily prepared for dinner. If you enjoy Mexican food and enchiladas this recipe is perfect for you. This recipe layers tortillas with... [more]

bacon spaghetti

Bacon Spaghetti Recipe

The flavor that bacon can add to spaghetti is truly delicious. This recipe for bacon spaghetti has a different flavor than most recipes can provide. The unique flavor comes from ingredients such as bacon... [more]

big mac sauce

Big Mac Sauce Recipe

The Big Mac from McDonald’s is perhaps one of the most well-known burgers across the country. What makes the Big Mac so special is the secret burger sauce that is used on it. The... [more]

slow cooker carnitas

Slow Cooker Carnitas Recipe

Making carnitas in the slow cooker is a great idea for a Mexican dinner. If you are not familiar with carnitas, carnitas are basically a Mexican pulled pork that is put under the broiler... [more]