ravioli casserole

Ravioli Casserole Recipe

This ravioli casserole reminds me of lasagna. Cheese ravioli are layered with a meat sauce and mozzarella and parmesan cheese in a casserole dish and then baked in the oven. The meat sauce is... [more]

parmesan pork chops

Parmesan Pork Chops Recipe

Parmesan pork chops are boneless pork chops that are coated with a breadcrumb and parmesan cheese mixture. The pork chops are first fried in oil to give them a crispy coating and then finished... [more]

Carolina Slaw Dogs

Carolina Slaw Dogs Recipe

Caroline Slaw Dogs are hot dogs topped with beanless chili, coleslaw and mustard. The chili combines ground beef with various ingredients such as onion, tomato paste, ketchup and many more. The coleslaw just uses... [more]

chili pasta bake

Chili Pasta Bake Recipe

This chili pasta bake makes a delicious and easy dinner and if you want to prepare enough to feed a lot of people the ingredients can easily be doubled. Preparing this recipe is simple—a... [more]

egg and sausage grilled cheese

Sausage and Egg Grilled Cheese Recipe

I figured the best way to start off grilled cheese month would be with a delicious sausage and egg grilled cheese! All that you need for this recipe is breakfast sausage, eggs, milk, American... [more]

reuben sliders

Reuben Sliders Recipe

You can easily put the ingredients of a Reuben sandwich onto sliders buns instead of bread slices. I really like the flavor that the pretzel buns add to this recipe but if you cannot... [more]