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How to Know if Shrimp is Cooked.....

How to Know if Shrimp is Cooked

Whether you’re making shrimp cocktail or scampi, the biggest worry is overcooking or undercooking the seafood. And while the former results in a chewy, rubbery dish, the latter can expose you to pathogenic risks at consumption. And since we’re particular about how our shrimp recipes come out, we tend to walk this line with caution. …

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How to Cook Spinach in a Pan.

How to Cook Spinach in a Pan

We’ve all come to recognize the staple advantage of spinach in our kitchens. Whether fresh or frozen, they’re great for all kinds of side dishes and salads. The mild flavor of spinach allows it to combine with other ingredients, giving a tasty experience to your plate. And it also makes a splendid inclusion in quiches, …

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