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Who Makes Vegan Pizza?

Vegan pizza is, without a doubt, the best culinary innovation ever. And it’s only gotten better at a slew of chains. PETA has been working with companies to extend their meat- and dairy-free options and we’re delighted that so many now offer vegan cheeses, imitation meats, and delicious vegetables. When you want fresh, flavorful pizza …

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US Foods® Scholars Program

US Foods Scholars awards financial support and professional development opportunities to students who plan to pursue an education in the culinary arts and enter the restaurant industry. We work with our partners, the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) and Scholarship America, to identify deserving students who have demonstrated outstanding potential and achievement in the culinary arts, …

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The Healthiest Meat Substitutes

When you’re trying to conserve money, it might be difficult to prepare healthful meals. Once or twice a week, provide budget-friendly meatless dinners. Plant-based proteins are less expensive than meat and have more health advantages. There are many meat replacements on the market, but which ones are the healthiest? Continue reading to learn more about …

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Vegetarian Ham Substitutes

There are several plant-based alternatives to ham if you don’t consume meat. Save money by serving these vegan hams mentioned below at your next family gathering. This plant-based ham loaf is seasoned to perfection, with smokey sweet flavors and a maple-infused pineapple sauce on top. Pea protein ham and prosciutto are two plant-based ham alternatives. …

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Substitute Sourdough Starter For Yeast in Your Baking Recipes

If you’re wondering whether you can substitute sourdough starter for yeast in your baking recipes, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find information on how to substitute sourdough starter for yeast, how to use a sourdough starter and the changes in flavour that you’ll notice. It’s easy to convert sourdough bread recipes using …

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Banana Pepper Substitute

If you don’t like the heat of chilli peppers, a banana pepper substitute is a great alternative. Long and slender, banana peppers range in hue from yellow to yellow-green. They’re mildly flavoured and can be eaten raw or pickled. Any dish that asks for a chile pepper can benefit from this replacement. Continue reading to …

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